Yinlong improves lithium titanate battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Yinlong improves lithium titanate battery technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On April 18, Wei Yincang, chairman of Yinlong New Energy, delivered a keynote speech on "Innovation and Development of Power Batteries" at the "Battery Safety and Battery Modeling" seminar.

In 2016, the entire lithium battery industry experienced ups and downs in the continuous fluctuation of national policies, but generally maintained an upward development trend. Affected by the growth of the new energy vehicle market and national policies, there has been an unprecedented wave of capacity expansion in the power battery field, which continued until 2017, which also directly drove the rapid growth of the lithium battery equipment market.

Attack five and advance one: Yinlong chooses reverse thinking

Wei Yincang said in his speech that the development of lithium batteries has evolved from a single pursuit of high energy density to the current balance of energy density, safety and operational efficiency. Although the national subsidy policy is biased towards energy density, the industry has experienced a transition from high energy density. The density is gradually declining. Although some lithium batteries have the advantage of high energy density in the past, they cannot make up for the "side effects" caused by safety, longevity, high and low temperature resistance, and charging time.

The safety of power batteries depends more on the material itself and the manufacturing process, and the high safety of lithium titanate batteries effectively solves the problem of potential safety hazards for the promotion and application of new energy batteries. Through nearly ten years of development and on the basis of building a closed-loop industrial chain, Yinlong is committed to the research and development and innovation of lithium titanate technology. 60℃), 30-year cycle life, no fire, no explosion, high safety, and high efficiency. Through continuous research and development, the fourth-generation high-energy density lithium titanate battery reduces the cost by 40% compared with the third-generation battery, and increases the energy density by 60%. While overcoming bottlenecks in the industry, this technological advantage is applicable to many fields such as new energy vehicles, energy storage, and airport shuttles. It has been recognized by well-known bus companies including Beijing Public Transport, and has operated in more than 40 cities so far.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

When referring to why he chose lithium titanate for the acquisition of American Austrian Titanium in the past, Wei Yincang used a football game as a metaphor. He said that if scoring six goals is the championship, then five goals must be advanced to ensure the chance of success. For the power battery, it must have the lifespan and cost-effective requirements to compete with traditional cars, and it must have the differential temperature resistance performance. Across the heating and cooling needs of the northern and southern hemispheres, the charging time should be competitive with or equal to the refueling time, and the safety performance should be better than that of traditional petroleum and internal combustion engines. To this end, Yinlong chose a technical route of reverse thinking, and continued to attack the last "ball" - energy density on the basis of the advanced "five balls". Wei Yincang said that at present, there are not many products that can compete with lithium titanate in terms of safety, high and low temperature resistance, cycle life, and charging time. He also said that the energy density of the fifth-generation lithium titanate battery next year will surpass that of lithium iron phosphate battery, the original five advantages will remain unchanged, and the conditions for mass production are already available.

Broad prospects: Yinlong Titanium is extraordinary due to innovation

Yinlong's innovative business model is also based on the five technical advantages of Yinlong titanium battery, including long life, wide temperature resistance, high safety, fast charging and discharging, and industrialization. The innovative business model of "10-year warranty, complete vehicle replacement, and win-win for all parties" does not require the government to invest too much capital to achieve a win-win situation for the government, public transportation, car companies, and finance. Yinlong will also continue to improve its service level to make the market more assured and customers more assured.

Looking at the current development status of the new energy industry, the technical level of power batteries is the key to restricting the development of new energy vehicles. Its cost, technology, manufacturing and other levels determine the cost, driving range, performance, and comfort of new energy vehicles. 



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