alking about the status quo of new energy vehicles New Energy Storage

Talking about the status quo of new energy vehicles - New Energy Storage

Because of the slow construction speed of charging piles and the weak endurance of electric vehicles, new energy vehicles were once in a low development due to "overcapacity". Recently, as the State Council and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have successively promulgated preferential policies for supporting new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles have rekindled the fire of hope.
     Just in the past October 22, the National Energy Conservation and New Energy Automobile Industry Development Promotion Work Symposium was held in Beijing. Premier Li Keqiang instructed to speed up the development of energy-saving and new energy vehicles. Regarding the issue of how to develop new energy vehicles, Li Keqiang pointed out that it is necessary to highlight the key points and rationalize the layout, aiming at the "bottleneck" and "shortcomings" of industrial development, and strive to break through the constraints of core technologies and key components, and improve independent innovation capabilities and technical levels. Implement and improve support policies, optimize the supporting environment, innovate business models, and expand the market application of advanced and applicable energy-saving and new energy vehicles.(New Energy Storage)
It can be said that the key to the development of new energy vehicles in the sentence.
On September 29, the General Office of the State Council also just issued the "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure" to deploy and accelerate the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The opinions require that by 2020, we strive to basically build a charging infrastructure system that is moderately advanced, pile-together, smart and efficient, and meets the charging needs of more than 5 million electric vehicles.
New energy vehicles are heavily supported by policies and have more financial subsidies. The gross profit rate of their products is much higher than that of fuel vehicles. Coupled with good industry prospects, they have become the pursuit targets of many non-automobile companies. They are in the fast-growing new energy vehicle market. A share of the pie. However, new energy vehicles have many shortcomings compared with fuel vehicles. Zhang Yongwei, deputy director of the Enterprise Office of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said that shortening the charging time, reducing the weight of the battery, and increasing the running distance are three of the three in front of the new energy vehicle battery. Big technical problem.
On October 23, at the Central New Energy Automobile Expo and Summit Forum held in Zhumadian, the Zhumadian guy Gaoming was excited when he faced an electric car made by a certain company in Henan. The price fell to more than 70,000 yuan in total. But when asked about the license, the staff of this company said that at present, only local licenses approved by the Zhumadian City Government can be used.
Gao Ming asked again: "Will driving to other cities such as Zhoukou and Xinyang be detained?"
The staff member said vaguely, "It shouldn't be. Various localities have introduced preferential policies for new energy vehicles, which are encouraging development."
Such an answer obviously cannot satisfy Gao Ming. For this reason, he continuously asked several new energy vehicle manufacturers, and the answers he got were almost the same, all of which were only approved by the city.
In addition to the license plate issue, problems such as fewer charging piles, poor vehicle performance, and short running mileage are all thorny issues that currently prevent the development of electric cars in large quantities and on a large scale. At present, low-speed cars and special-purpose vehicles are the most popular, while the scale of electric cars has not changed much. However, as long as these technical problems are broken through, it is inevitable that new energy vehicles will replace fuel vehicles, and we may as well wait and see.



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