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With the international advocacy of environmental protection concepts and the promotion of the global electrification process, new energy vehicles have entered a stage of rapid development. The "TSLA concept" is hot, and the demand for power lithium batteries has also surged. Lithium battery separators are the key to new energy batteries. One of its internal structures, its global market demand also shows a trend of continuous expansion.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The lithium battery separator industry has quite high barriers. The quality of the separator performance determines the key characteristics of the lithium battery, such as capacity, cycle performance, and charge-discharge current density. Therefore, the threshold for lithium battery separators is relatively high, and there are strict requirements for technology. Therefore, if companies in the industry want to get a piece of the cake, they must have excellent technology in order to stand out in the fierce competition.

On the evening of November 1, 2019, Shenzhen Xingyuan Material Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xingyuan Material") announced that the US Celgard Company passed the material to the company, claiming that Xingyuan Material has two of its US patents.

Regarding the Celgard incident, Xingyuan Material responded with all its strength and hired a team of well-known lawyers from the United States and my country. After five months of hard work, the "farce" of unfair competition ended and the legality of the company and its investors was maintained. rights and interests. On February 17, the company announced that the United States rejected Celgard's motion for Xingyuan Material and Celgard's motion for a preliminary injunction against Xingyuan Material and Xingyuan American Research Institute.

Xingyuan Material said that this event has no significant impact on the company's profit in the current reporting period or future profits. The company will pay close attention to the progress of this event and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company and shareholders. In addition, the company has always attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights. All diaphragm products produced by the company have completely independent intellectual property rights or have obtained relevant intellectual property rights licenses. The company also respects the intellectual property rights of others, advocates fair competition, and always adheres to legal compliance operations.

It is understood that Celgard has also worked in well-known lithium battery separator manufacturing companies such as LG Chem, SK Innovation, and MTI. Industry analysts believe that my country's leading diaphragm companies are developing rapidly in terms of technology, output and market. The market share of my country's diaphragm companies has surpassed that of South Korea and has begun to catch up with Japan to compete in the global market. Obviously, Celgard's initiation of Xingyuan Material is a manifestation of coveting the growth of my country's diaphragm companies.

Public information shows that since its establishment, Xingyuan Materials has continuously accumulated and strengthened its core competitiveness in the development, established an industry-leading R&D platform and R&D team, and achieved fruitful R&D results. The semi-annual report data shows that the company and The holding subsidiaries have applied for 266 patents, including 28 foreign patents; 101 authorized patents have been obtained, including 42 authorized invention patents and 59 authorized utility model patents, laying a solid foundation for the company to maintain a leading position in the industry competition Base.

At the same time, Xingyuan Materials also attaches great importance to the continuous research and innovation of key technologies. The company relies on the "Shenzhen Lithium Battery Diaphragm Engineering Center" and the "National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Lithium Battery Diaphragm Preparation and Testing Technology" approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. , through the purchase of advanced R&D and testing equipment, improve and perfect the R&D conditions, and continue to carry out research work in multi-disciplinary fields such as nanotechnology and complete equipment design, and further strengthen the research on key technologies involving lithium battery separators such as raw materials, processes, equipment, and applications. , to ensure the company's industry-leading position in continuous innovation.



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