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Why use lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Why use lithium batteries? Challenge of data center lithium ion battery application. The expansion speed of the data center in my country can be described as amazing. The lead -acid battery can be said to be a headache and helpless existence of data center operation and maintenance personnel. In this case, there are lithium ion with small volume, light weight, high density, and strong useability. The battery is gradually going to the front desk. The cost -effectiveness of lithium -ion battery is increasing.

Why use lithium batteries?

Lead -acid batteries have long -term dominant positions in the field of communications industry for decades. However, lead -acid batteries have a short cycle, large area, and high demand for computer rooms. The production process is likely to cause environmental pollution. The development of lead -acid batteries in various countries has shrunk. my country's iron tower has clearly no longer bidding lead -acid batteries.

Lithium battery has the advantages of lead acids such as high energy density, small land, and long cycle life. With the rapid decline in the market share of the lead -acid battery, the global application of lithium -ion batteries has increased sharply globally. Among them, almost all 5G sites are covered by lithium ion batteries. The lithium battery in data centers is used in some large ISP customers abroad to use the scale to use scale. Essence It can be predictable that in the next 3 to 5 years, the market share of the lithium -ion battery will be close or exceeded or exceeded the lead -acid battery. The lithium -ion battery will be the consensus in various fields in the future.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Compared with lead-acid batteries, UPS using lithium ion batteries can reduce the occupation space by 50-80%, while the service life is more than 15 years. With the improvement of technology and the country's requirements for environmental protection, 80%of the nation's small and medium -sized lead -acid battery factories are closed, and the essential raw materials for lead -acid batteries are higher. Although the current price of lithium ion batteries is still about twice the lead -acid batteries, considering the technological advantages and the value of the whole life cycle, the advantages of lithium -ion batteries are still very obvious. The price difference between the two will become smaller and smaller in the future.

The efficiency of energy storage lithium -ion battery UPS is as high as 98%, which is 5%to 10%higher than the traditional online UPS, which greatly reduces operating costs. In terms of a 3MW data center, every time the power supply efficiency is increased by 1%, the annual electricity fee saves more than 1 million yuan.

With the continuous improvement of the energy density and safety performance of the lithium -ion battery, and the continuous decrease in cost, the demand for lithium battery in the field of communication, power fields, power vehicles, data centers, etc. The direction of energy moves steadily. Lithium batteries are related to low lead acids, small, small, high energy density, and long cycle life. Therefore, in the future, as the cost of lithium ion battery further decreases, lithium -ion batteries will be applied in large quantities in data centers.

The era of lithium battery has come. Whether it is security performance or the investment cost of the full life cycle, lithium battery has been prepared for large -scale commercial use in the data center field.



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