Which province has more manufacturers of lithium battery stacking machines? Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Which province has more manufacturers of lithium battery stacking machines?

The main function of the lithium battery stacking machine is to cut the positive and negative electrodes into individual pieces, the diaphragm is stacked in a zigzag shape, and the positive and negative electrodes are stacked in turn, separated by the diaphragm. Or, the positive electrode sheet, the separator, and the negative electrode sheet are sequentially stacked to form a battery cell, and the battery cell is positioned and assembled on the second layer of diaphragm, and the second layer of diaphragm is wound into a battery roll core.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)
     Lithium battery stacker manufacturers are mainly concentrated in cities with more developed manufacturing industries, such as Dongguan in the Pearl River Delta and Suzhou in the Yangtze River Delta.
Yixinfeng is a manufacturer of lithium battery stacking machines located in Dongguan City. The D300F-AD single-station high-speed stacking machine developed by the company has the function of removing static electricity when the diaphragm is unwinding, and has a dust removal mechanism to prevent lithium battery pole pieces. Be contaminated. The stacking table has a diaphragm trimming function to ensure the alignment of the diaphragm and the pole piece. The whole machine adopts servo drive design, the equipment is easy and convenient to change and change, and there are few replacement and adjustment parts. The double-feeding manipulator design reduces the waiting time during stacking and greatly improves stacking efficiency. This equipment is suitable for the lamination of square lithium-ion battery cells, and automatically completes the functions of diaphragm unwinding, lamination, diaphragm cutting, side fixing glue (U-shaped), and blanking. The lamination efficiency is as high as 0.5 seconds/sheet.



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