The SOC range of general power lithium batteries-Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

What is the SOC range of general power lithium batteries? -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Lithium -ion battery manufacturers tell you what is the SOC range of general power lithium -ion batteries? Lithium -ion batteries have been widely used in industrial and daily life. The estimation of battery loads has become an important link in battery management. However, due to the complicated battery structure, the battery's loading status is affected by the discharge current, the internal temperature of the battery, the self -discharge, and the aging of the battery, which makes it difficult to estimate the SOC.

Lithium -ion battery manufacturers tell you what is the SOC range of general power lithium -ion batteries?

At present, the percentage of the capacity that can be released in accordance with the specified battery can be released in accordance with the prescribed discharge conditions. The percentage of the SOC status range is generally from 0%to 100%. However, considering the reaction characteristics of chemical battery: valve boundaries, static and dynamic differences, dynamic differences, magnification differences, valuation accuracy differences, etc., the SOC valuation should leave the buffer interval to ensure that the battery works in a safe area at all times.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The meaning of SOC is aimed at the power lithium -ion battery monomer. The power lithium battery system does not have a more uniform meaning at present. In the actual use process, the simpler way is to equate the power lithium battery pack to the battery monomer. To ensure the safety of the battery, the SOC of the worst -performance battery unit is often used to mean the SOC of the battery pack.

The calculation method of power lithium ion battery SOC

Part 1: Charging process

It can be simulated to calculate the state of the battery that is sufficient according to the relationship between the charging characteristic curve of the lithium ion battery charging characteristic curve (the relationship between the charging current, the voltage change curve and the battery capacity).

Part 2: Discharge process

The remaining capacity of the battery can be simulated according to the battery discharge characteristic curve.

SOC's accurate related correlation factor

1. The integrity and accuracy of battery parameters

The integrity of the battery parameters depends on the sufficient and diverse sample testing of individual individuals. Usually, the battery parameter model proposed based on demand is the state relationship of the battery parameters in multiple dimensions. The product should have the parameter label.

3. The stability and accuracy of the test equipment

At present, many manufacturers' tests in some key links still choose expensive imported equipment, which is important to ensure the accuracy and stability of the test.

3. Correct and accuracy of the BMS algorithm

SOC estimation accuracy is different under different operating conditions. Under normal circumstances, we will propose SOC accuracy or less than 5%of BMS. In fact, the understanding of the BMS project is that this accuracy represents the biggest error, not the only one.

The above are some knowledge points for the power lithium -ion battery SOC. Different SOC intervals, the consistency of each battery unit in the power lithium -ion battery system is different. The consistency deviation of the middle area is low, and the consistency is high as much as possible to ensure higher system output efficiency.



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