What equipment is used to cut the pole pieces of lithium batteries High Speed Slitting Machine

What equipment is used to cut the pole piece of the lithium battery into small pieces?

The general process of the production process of ion battery pole piece is: active material, binder and conductive agent are mixed to prepare slurry, and then coated on both sides of copper or aluminum current collector, after drying, the solvent is removed to form dry pole piece and pole piece particles. The coating is compacted and densified, and then cut or slit. The equipment used to produce lithium batteries is a professional die-cutting machine for lithium battery pole pieces. Mainly used for forming positive and negative pole pieces of power lithium battery laminations. The roll-shaped pole piece is cut into the required pole piece shape by laser, and it is automatically collected in the material box.(High Speed Slitting Machine)
     Yixinfeng J350D-BL laser film machine (continuous coating) uses high-speed precision galvanometer and corresponding galvanometer corresponding system, double laser head cutting method lithium battery pole piece, so that the processing speed of the pole piece is doubled. Laser cutting adopts the arc roller surface cutting technology with its own intellectual property rights, which effectively solves the problem of crystal points produced by laser cutting pole pieces. It has dust protection technology to reduce the impact of dust generated during the cutting process on the quality of lithium batteries. This product uses PSO control technology, which can accurately control the energy of a single point and output it at the specified position. The laser frequency conversion control prevents the pole piece from being overcut or continuously cut, and effectively controls the burr and heat-affected zone. Fully automatic operation, the pole piece is automatically put into the box, when the receiving box is full, it will automatically alarm. Equipped with CCD size detection and defect detection functions.



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