What brand of die cutting machine produces less burrs? High Speed Slitting Machine

What brand of die cutting machine produces less burrs?

During the cutting process of lithium battery pole pieces, the quality of the cut edges of the pole pieces has an important impact on battery performance and quality, including:
      (1) Burrs and impurities will cause a short circuit in the battery, cause self-discharge or even thermal runaway;
      (2) The dimensional accuracy is poor, and it is impossible to ensure that the negative electrode completely wraps the positive electrode, or the separator completely separates the positive and negative pole pieces, causing battery safety issues;
      (3) Thermal damage to the material, peeling of the coating, etc., causing the material to lose activity and fail to function;
      (4) The unevenness of the cutting edge causes unevenness in the charging and discharging process of the pole piece. Therefore, the pole piece cutting process needs to avoid these problems and improve the quality of the process.(High Speed Slitting Machine)

       The die-cutting process of lithium-ion battery pole piece is divided into two kinds:
      (1) For punching wood board with a knife die, the sharp blade is installed on the board, and the blade is cut into the pole piece under a certain pressure. This process mold is simple and low cost, but the punching quality is not easy to control, and it is gradually eliminated.
      (2) Metal die punching, using the extremely small gap between the punch and the lower die to cut the pole piece. The coating particles are connected together by an adhesive. During the punching process, the coating particles peel off under the action of stress, and the metal foil will undergo plastic strain. After reaching the breaking strength, cracks will occur, and the cracks will propagate and separate. The material fractures and separates. The cross-section of the metal material punching piece is divided into 4 parts: collapse, shear zone, fracture zone and burr. The wider the shear band of the section, the smaller the collapse angle and the height of the burr, and the higher the quality of the section of the punching piece.
Yixinfeng J350D-C high-speed hardware die-cutting machine adopts the die-cutting method with its own intellectual property rights to ensure the high efficiency of die-cutting and the dimensional accuracy of the pole piece. The high-precision mold ensures the number of die-cutting times and the quality of die-cutting.



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