What are the reasons for the curved, wavy and warped edges of the lithium battery separator after slitting? High speed mold cutting machine

What are the reasons for the curved, wavy and warped edges of the lithium battery separator after slitting?

There are arcs, wavy edges, warped edges, etc. after the lithium battery pole pieces are cut. These conditions may be caused by a variety of reasons. Please compare and exclude:
      1. The roller surface of the slitting machine is not handled well and the process design is not reasonable. Causes: horizontal slippage (commonly known as left and right swimming), wrinkling (unbalanced pulling of the material), roll off (the material is too light and thin) on the roller during the slitting process Excessive air entry), these problems will directly lead to irregular winding, resulting in wavy edges, warped edges, etc.;(High speed mold cutting machine)
      2. Excessive winding tension: it will directly cause the finished product to have a dish shape, a drum shape, etc.;
      3. Mechanical failure of the equipment: for example, the bearing of the transmission roller or the empty roller is damaged, causing the shaft to move; the dynamic balance accuracy of the roller is too low, etc.;
      4. Tension system design problems: problems with the matching of the tension system will cause the tension to be uncontrollable, resulting in such a situation;
      5. There is a problem with the selection of the winding form: there are many winding methods, depending on the different characteristics of the product to choose the center winding, surface winding, center surface winding, center surface winding and center sliding, etc.;
      6. Selection of slitting tools: cutting, cutting, pressing, and roll cutting are also selected according to different material characteristics. If the selection is wrong, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed;
      7. Other detailed problems: caused by other problems such as static electricity, equipment operation, raw material characteristics, etc.

Yixinfeng J350D-3 high-speed hardware die-cutting machine is developed after years of technical accumulation and has the following characteristics:
      Advanced design concept to ensure product safety and reliability;
      The use of lightweight carbon fiber rollers reduces the weight of the rollers from 2.8kg to 0.5kg, providing effective technical support for high-speed die-cutting;
      Die-cutting method with proprietary intellectual property rights to ensure efficient die-cutting and dimensional accuracy of pole pieces;
      The mold has quick change function;
      High-precision molds to ensure the number of die-cuts and the quality of die-cuts;
      Mold self-cooling function and air buffer function, effectively improve the service life of the mold;
      The pole piece traction is directly driven by the DD motor, which reduces the transmission error of the intermediate link, and the dimensional accuracy can be controlled within ±0.2mm;
      Non-contact dust removal, reduce the secondary pollution of dust, and effectively avoid the damage to the pole piece by brushing powder;
      Install independent dust collectors (connecting and die-cutting places) where dust is likely to be generated to greatly reduce the occurrence of dust pollution;
      The device has the function of scanning code, which combines the scanning code information with the pole group information (positive and negative plates, pole piece status information, etc.), personnel information, ring information, etc.
  Bind the environment information, equipment information, etc., and ensure the consistency of the QR code and the information of the corresponding pole group, and transmit it to the MES.



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