Lithium battery assembly steps Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

What are the main steps of lithium battery assembly technology? - Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

1. Lithium-ion battery material processing
Some materials used in secondary batteries, such as lithium ions, require special treatment. Electrodes should be processed at high speed without damaging the fragile active material. In the electrolyte, special consideration is given to preventing the occurrence of precipitation and corrosive gases.

2. Cam unit
If the machine is constructed with air cylinders or AC servo actuators with a takt time of less than 1 second, it is difficult to synchronize or maintain a stable state for a long time even when the new machine is installed in good condition. The cylinder then reaches the end of its operating distance within a short period of time, so its maintenance interval is short. In a machine constructed cam mechanism, this problem can be solved because all drive is held by the smallest electric motor.

3. Mounting and Pedestal
Building a strong installation and foundation for machinery is important for long-term stability. Mounts and bases reduce start-up time by minimizing transmission and transfer mechanism accuracy deviations. Often, the use of aluminum frames has been eliminated. Build a stable base using thick square logs and a substantial base from the pot manufacturing process. For various requirements, annealing and use of mounts with extra precision are available.

4. Vacuum treatment
Not only simple vacuum chambers and furnaces, but also mechanisms for vacuum chamber operation and liquid application equipment. Must have extensive knowledge of special vacuum equipment and parts such as vacuum pumps, pipes and valves.

5. Precise positioning
You must have the desired positioning technology and relevant experience to achieve efficient processing and calibration systems according to the requirements of mechanical positioning and image processing.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

6. Laser welding
If possible, it can be based on personal requirements, such as CO2, YAG, LED, fiber and other laser knowledge and results, such as laser welding of thin battery foil, welding of throttle housing and lid, resin welding instead of metal, etc. The most suitable welding method is recommended according to the specifications and selection of the welding machine.

7. Press
Have the technology and related experience to deal with various presses, such as air, hydraulic and servo.



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