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What are the main assembly essentials for soft -pack lithium ion batteries? -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Aluminum -plastic film molding process

Soft -pack lithium -ion batteries can be designed as different sizes according to the needs of customers. When the shape size is designed, the corresponding molds must be turned on to make the aluminum plastic film. Sometimes according to the design of the design, you will punch a small pit in the position of the airbag to expand the volume of the gas bag.

Top -sided sealing process

The top -side sealing process is the first packaging process for the soft -pack lithium battery. The top -side seal actually includes two processes, top and side seals. First, put the rolled rolled core in the pits, and then fold the packaging film along the dotted line. After putting the roll core in the pit, the entire aluminum plastic film can be placed in the fixture, and the top seal and side seal are held in the top seal.

Injecting liquid, pre -section process

After the soft bag battery is sealed on the top, it is necessary to do x-ray to check the parallelity of its roll core, and then go into the dry room to remove the water. When the dry room was settled for several times, the injection and pre -seal process were entered. After the battery is sealed on the top, there is only one opening where the air bag is left. This opening is used for injection. After the injection is completed, the pre -seal of the purse bag is also called one. After a packaging is completed, the battery cells are theoretically different from external conditions.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Static, turning, and fixture plastic surgery

After the injection and one are completed, the battery cells must be held first. According to the differences in process, it will be divided into high temperature static and normal temperature. The goal of static is to allow the injected electrolyte to enrich the infiltration pole. Then the battery can be used to turn into it.

The score is the first charging of the battery cell, but it will not be charged to the highest voltage used, and the charging current is also very small.

The goal of turning the electrode is to form an unchanged SEI film, which is equivalent to a process that activates the battery. In this process, the inevitable gas will be presented, which is why an aluminum plastic film must be reserved.

Some battles, especially thick batteries, will probably present inevitable deformation due to large internal stress. Therefore, some factories will configure a fixture plastic process after turning into a fixture, which is also called a fixture baking.

Two -seal process

Shi Cai said that it would present gas in the process, so we need to pull out the gas and then hold the second package. Some companies here become two processes: Degassing (exhaust) and two seals, and there is still a process of cutting the airbags in the back. Here I will be called two seals together. At the time of the second seal, the airbag was first pierced by a knife, and at the same time, the gas in the gas bag and an electrolyte in a small department will be pulled out. Then the second sealed head was held in the second seal to ensure the gas tightness of the battery cell. Finally, cut off the packaging batteries, and a soft bag battery cores are fundamentally taken formed. The second seal is the last packaging process of the lithium ion battery. The reason is to communicate with the thermal packaging in front of it, and I won't go into details.

Subsequent process

After the two -seal cutting bag, the cutting edges and folding edges must be held, which is to cut one edge and the second side to the width that meets, and then fold it up to ensure that the width of the cells does not exceed the standard. After the folding edge, the battery can be held in the sub -cabinet. In fact, it is the capacity test. See if the capacity of the battery has the minimum value of the defined. In principle, all the battery cells must be expressed to test before the factory is out of the factory. However, when the output of the battery cell is large, some companies will do departmental capacity to determine the passage of the battery capacity at a statistical probability.



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