Equal charging method of lithium ion battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

What are the balanced charging methods of lithium ion battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

To realize the average battery of each single battery of the series battery packs, there are currently several methods:

1. Add a parallel balance circuit to each single battery in the battery pack to achieve the role of diversion. In this mode, when a battery first reaches a full charge, the balanced device can prevent it from charging and converting excess energy into heat energy, and continue to charge the unfeeling battery. This method is simple, but it will bring energy loss and not suitable for the fast charge system.

2. Before charging, discharge each single through the same load to the same level one by one, and then perform constant current charging to ensure a more accurate balance state between each single. However, for the battery pack, due to the physical differences between individuals, it is difficult to achieve completely consistent ideal effects after the depth of each individual. Even if the same effect is achieved after discharge, new uneven phenomena will occur during the charging process.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

3. Timing, sequential, and separate batteries in the battery pack to detect and charging uniformly. When charging the battery pack, each battery in the battery pack will not be charged or discharged, so each battery in the battery pack is in a normal working state.

4. Use the timing of time -sharing, and use the control and switching of the switch component to achieve the purpose of a balanced charging in a battery with a relatively low voltage voltage of the additional current. This method is relatively efficient, but the control is more complicated.

5. Based on the voltage parameters of each battery as a balanced object, the voltage of each battery is restored. During the balanced charging, the capacitor is connected to the two adjacent batteries by controlling the switch alternately, accepting the charging of high -voltage batteries, and then discharging low -voltage batteries until the voltage of the two batteries tends to be consistent. This equilibrium method is better to solve the problem of imbalance of battery pack voltage, but this method is mainly used in occasions with a small number of batteries.

6. The entire system is controlled by a single -chip microcomputer, and the single battery has an independent set of modules. The module shall carry out charging management separately according to the setting program, and automatically disconnects after the charging is completed. This method is relatively simple, but the number of single batteries will greatly increase the cost, and it is not conducive to the reduction of the system volume.



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