What are the advantages of lithium battery laser tab cutting technology? High Speed Slitting Machine

What are the advantages of lithium battery laser tab cutting technology?

Facing the development needs of the commercialization of power lithium batteries in the new energy era, major companies and manufacturers are eager to find a solution that can fundamentally "improve quality and reduce costs" to break through the application limitations of existing manufacturing and processing technologies .(High Speed Slitting Machine)
      Among them, in the processing of the tabs of power lithium batteries, the bottlenecks of traditional hardware die-cutting technology have become increasingly prominent, including problems such as low processing efficiency and poor application flexibility, which have been unable to meet the development requirements of intelligent manufacturing, and replaced by lasers. Tab cutting technology has become a new way to reduce the production cost of power lithium battery tabs and improve product stability.

      When the laser cuts the positive and negative ears on the lithium battery pole piece, the cutting effect will directly affect the safety of the lithium battery. Cutting burrs, heat-affected zone and excessive metal leakage zone may affect the performance of the lithium battery. For different electrode sheet materials, different laser cutting process parameters need to be adjusted.

      It can be seen from the cutting effect that the vertical burr of the laser cutting tab is less than 10um, the horizontal burr is less than 15um, and the heat-affected zone is less than 15um. These process defects are strictly controlled, which greatly reduces the safety hazards of lithium batteries.



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