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What are the advantages and disadvantages of ternary lithium ion batteries? -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The ternary polymer lithium -ion battery refers to the lithium ion battery of the nickel cobalt lithium (Li (NICOMN) O2) lithium (nicomn) O2). Manganese salt is raw material. The proportion of nickel cobalt manganese in it can be adjusted according to the actual situation. The battery of the three yuan material is related to the high safety of the cobalt lithium ion battery, but the voltage is too low. About 3.4V) There will be obvious feeling of insufficient capacity.


Since the beginning of 2014, the three -yuan lithium -ion battery has been modified in all aspects, and the number of cycles has been continuously increased. At present, the proper cost of new costs can reach more than 1500 times, and the safety performance of lithium -ion batteries of ternary materials has also been improved continuously. , Get closer to lithium iron phosphate. In the past two years, the new nickel -cobalt and aluminum new three -yuan material has higher requirements for the environment during the battery manufacturing process, but its stability and safety have been further improved, and they are recognized and tried by multiple battery factories.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

1. The voltage platform is high. The voltage platform is an important indicator of battery energy density. It determines the basic performance and cost of the battery. Therefore, the selection of battery materials is of great significance. The higher the voltage platform, the larger than the capacity, the same volume, weight, and even the same -time battery, and the three -yuan lithium -ion battery mileage is farther. The voltage platform of the ternary material is significantly higher than the lithium iron phosphate. The high line can reach 4.2 volts, and the discharge platform can reach 3.6 or 3.7 volts.

2. High energy density

3. High vibration density


1. Poor safety

2. Poor high temperature resistance

3. Poor life

4. High power discharge difference

5. The elements are toxic (the temperature rises sharply after the temperature of the ternary lithium -ion battery is charged, and the oxygen is very easy to burn after high temperature)

The ternary polymer Lithium -ion battery refers to the lithium ion battery that uses lithium nickel cobalt manganese triple auctric pole material. There are many types of positive electrode materials for lithium ion batteries, important cobaltate, lithium manganate, lithium nickel, and three. Metallurgical materials, lithium iron phosphate, etc. The three -type material of the ternary material integrates the advantages of three types of materials: lithium cobalt, lithium nickel, and lithium manganate, which has the excellent characteristics of high capacity, low cost, and good safety. The power lithium battery field has good development prospects.

For lithium -ion batteries, cobalt metal is an essential material. However, on the one hand, metal cobalt is high, and on the other hand, there is toxicity. Regardless of technical leading Japanese and Korean companies, domestic battery manufacturers have been committed to less batteryization in batteries in recent years. Under this trend, nickel cobalt lithium manganate three yuan material prepared by nickel salt, cobalt salt, and manganese salt as raw materials has gradually been respected. From the perspective of chemical properties, the ternary material is an excessive metal oxide, and the energy density of the battery is high.

Although the use of cobalt is still indispensable in the ternary material, the mass score is usually controlled at about 20%, and the cost decreases significantly. At the same time, it has the advantages of lithium cobaltate and lithium nickel. With the continuous production of domestic and foreign manufacturers in recent years, the trend of replacing lithium cobaltate with three -yuan material as a positive pole material has been very obvious.

As large as electric vehicles, small to smart phones, wearable devices or charging treasures, this new technology is completely applicable. Tesla [Weibo] was first applied to electric vehicles. The Models range can reach 486 kilometers, the battery capacity reaches 85kWh, and the 8142 3.4AH Panasonic 18650 battery is used. The engineers all allocated the entire battery bag in the form of bricks and films one by one, and the battery pack is located on the bottom plate of the body.

From a global perspective, the research and development and production of ternary materials is constantly advancing. In this process, the performance of materials has been greatly improved, and the application fields have been expanded again and again. Japan and South Korea are the leaders of the three -yuan material battery. The domestic ternary material production started around 2005, and more than a dozen companies have also appeared.



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