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What about Fisker EMotion's solid-state battery technology? -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Fisker lost the first time on lack of core technology, what about the second time?

At this year's CES, American luxury electric company Fisker exhibited its latest pure electric vehicle - Fisker EMotion.

Does it sound a little familiar? However, this is not the Fisker acquired by Wanxiang Group.

Henrik Fisker, a car designer, has experienced the bankruptcy of his own brand, the failure of the first model, the Fisker Karma, and the relationship with Tesla. Now, he has re-founded a new company in his own name, taking his The new work of FiskerEMotion is making a comeback.

This time, Fisker has learned the lesson of the lack of core technology before. The biggest highlight of Fisker EMotion is the solid-state battery technology that it will carry besides the cool door.

Solid-state batteries, meaning that there is no liquid in the structure, and all materials exist in a solid state, are high in energy density, small in size, and safer. However, due to the difficulty and high cost of research and development, many companies have abandoned the research and development of mass-produced solid-state batteries. Fisker said that their company's solid-state battery technology is more mature, with 2.5 times the energy density of ordinary lithium-ion batteries, and can achieve a cruising range of 500 miles (about 800 kilometers) on a single charge, even in 5-10 minutes. Complete electric vehicle charging. Last year, Fisker has applied for a new patent on solid-state battery technology.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)



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