Wantong cross-border lithium battery field -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Wantong cross-border power lithium battery field -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Vantone Real Estate announced on the evening of July 29 that it intends to acquire a total of 78.28% of Xingheng Power in cash, with a total transaction price of about 3.17 billion yuan. Among them, Qiyuan Nachuan sold its 64.897% stake in the target company, Suzhou Shengmai sold its 6.720% stake in the target company, and Chen Zhijiang sold its 6.667% stake in the target company.

According to the information on the official website of Phylion, the company was established in December 2003 with a registered capital of 262 million yuan. The company focuses on the development, production and sales of power lithium-ion batteries with lithium manganate as the cathode material, with an annual output of 3 billion watt-hours. It is a well-known domestic high-tech company for power lithium-ion batteries. Through 15 years of successful technological transformation, Phylion has supplied products and services to 5.2 million end users and more than 35,000 electric vehicles around the world, as well as power supply solutions for new energy vehicles around the world.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The announcement shows that the technical route used in the lithium-ion battery of Phylion is manganese (LMO+NCM): LMO is mainly used as the positive electrode material, but it is generally modified and mixed with a certain proportion of NCM to improve the energy density of the battery and improve the battery. Performance, the important representative manufacturers of this technology are LGC, AESC, LEJ, etc. Phylion is an important representative manufacturer in my country. Phylion has been focusing on lithium manganate battery technology for 15 years. It has a unique process route of square aluminum shell lamination, innovative battery structure design, and advantageous material system, which reduces the manufacturing cost of batteries and forms a cost-effective battery. product.

Phylion's super lithium manganate battery has good safety performance, low temperature performance and high current discharge performance. At the same time, the cycle performance reaches more than 2000 times, and the volume specific energy density and weight specific energy density reach 360Wh/l and 170Wh respectively. /kg, this super manganate lithium-ion battery has a good price/performance ratio.

In addition, Phylion's battery with independent intellectual property rights has a simple structure design and extremely low manufacturing cost, and is the only manufacturer in the industry that uses a lamination manufacturing process for 26148 square aluminum shell batteries, and its energy density is superior to the same type of batteries from other manufacturers in the same industry. . In the battery production process, there are two invention patents with core independent intellectual property rights (aluminum shell battery top penetration welding process and battery sealing formation process), which makes Phylion's battery cost tailored for pure electric passenger cars and pHEV. It is lower than other manufacturers in the industry, and its key performance such as battery cycle life, energy density and battery internal resistance and other comprehensive indicators can fully meet the application needs and are highly competitive in the market.

Vantone Real Estate said that at present, many countries in the world, especially my country, have begun to vigorously promote energy-saving and environmentally friendly means of transportation, and environmentally friendly means of transportation such as new energy vehicles and electric bicycles have been vigorously developed. It is expected to play a role in the global transportation system in the future. will become increasingly important. The development of this new type of transportation will bring about the vigorous development of related industrial chains, especially the demand for power lithium battery industry. This acquisition is to comply with the development trend of environmentally friendly transportation in the new era, seize the development opportunity of the increasing demand for the power lithium battery industry, and actively respond to the call of relevant national policies to deploy the new energy battery industry.

After the completion of this transaction, Phylion will be included in the consolidated financial statements of Vantone Real Estate, and Vantone Real Estate will add new energy battery business. In the future, the company will give full play to Phylion's product advantages, brand advantages and channel advantages in the field of new energy batteries, accelerate the company's business development in the field of new energy batteries, and provide new profit points for the company's long-term development.



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