Ultra-fast rechargeable lithium battery came out-Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Ultra-fast rechargeable lithium battery came out -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

According to foreign media reports, ChargeCCCV, a partner of lithium battery manufacturer Magnis Energy Technologies, has developed a battery that is said to enable electric vehicle manufacturers to change the rules of the game in the electric vehicle industry. This unoptimized electric vehicle battery has a particularly fast charging result during the test, which can fully charge 85% of the battery in 6 minutes.

According to Magnis, the ultra-high-speed rechargeable lithium battery developed in cooperation with Charge can make the operation of electric vehicles more flexible by shortening the charging time. In addition, this battery can also bring more convenience to the driver of electric vehicles, and may increase the running time (endurance) of the vehicle.

Recently, Magnis accelerated the plan to build an iM3TSV battery plant near Townsville, Queensland, Australia, and Woodstock18GWh lithium battery plant also received strong support from the state government, with an investment allocation of 3.1 million dollars. According to Magnis, the plant is expected to cost more than US $3 billion and directly create 1150 jobs.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Charge, a partner of Magnis, has always been at the forefront of research and development of fast-charging battery technology, and is also committed to maximizing the charging efficiency and battery life of the battery.

The battery is developed with charge's proprietary high-voltage biomineralized lithium metal-phosphate mixed cathode and anode materials, and the final user system-level test will be carried out in the next few months.

First, we will test the prototype of the 25-50kWh battery pack (about the size of the battery pack of the Nissan Leaf model). Its energy density is 99% of the energy density of the existing lithium battery, which is equivalent to the range of the battery of the same size.

The key difference lies in the charging time. If Magnis's statement is confirmed, the future owners of pure electric vehicles will charge their cars at the same time as gasoline and diesel vehicles today.



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