New battery developed in Britain -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

UK invests in research and development of new battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

According to foreign media on August 6, the British government provided funds for Nissan's electric freight car project to support it in manufacturing new batteries to expand the range of freight cars. The project, led by Ceres, a sustainable development company, aims to develop a compact high power density solid oxide fuel cell for commercial vehicles. Nissan hopes that the new battery technology can help automobile manufacturers to realize the electrification of commercial vehicles.

The Advanced Promotion Center (APC) operated by the government said that commercial vehicles are one of the most difficult models to decarbonize. It is hoped that the projects of Ceres and Nissan can significantly reduce urban pollution. The project is one of the three major projects with a total amount of 35 million pounds (about 310 million yuan) from the government. Other funded projects include Hofer Powertrain and Aston? A joint venture between Martin. The joint venture plans to develop a new generation of motors and inverters for high-performance electric vehicles. The last funded project is the hydraulic power system of the "off highway" vehicle sector, including excavators and dump trucks.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Ian Constance, CEO of APC, said that the entire auto industry and the entire department are facing the challenge of reducing exhaust emissions. The latest round of APC funding highlights various models that will benefit from low-carbon innovative development. Successful applicants will develop commercial and off highway vehicle technologies, as well as a broader electric transport industry. This will help to create and protect employment opportunities in the UK automotive industry as a whole.

Phil Caldwell, CEO of CeresPower, added that the project will develop a fuel cell range extender dedicated to automobiles, which will further the mass production of compact, solid and fast response solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). With APC's funding, Ceres and its partners in charge of automotive applications will be able to jointly design a SOFC solution that will help achieve a low-carbon future.



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