Toshiba Exhibits SCiB™ Lithium-Ion Battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Toshiba Exhibits SCiB™ Lithium-Ion Battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On November 3, the 4th my country International Import Expo (CIIE) kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Toshiba has been attending this global excellent technology feast for four consecutive years. This year, the exhibition area will make a wonderful appearance with the theme of "For the Tomorrow of Humanity and the Earth", bringing the pure hydrogen fuel power lithium battery system H2Rex™ and lithium ion battery products that achieve zero CO emissions throughout the process. Innovative products and solutions such as SCiB™, semiconductors that realize more efficient, reliable and controllable power supply systems through flexible DC transmission technology, demonstrate the broad space and unlimited potential of innovative technology to drive green and high-quality development. In addition, during the exhibition, Toshiba signed strategic agreements with many partners to make positive contributions to the promotion of carbon neutrality in my country.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

From the perspective of global climate change, the Toshiba Group has updated the "Toshiba Group Environmental Future Vision 2050", and actively realizes a decarbonized, recycling, and nature-based society through environmental management aimed at creating rich value and coexisting with the earth. Yoichi Miyazaki, Chairman and President of Toshiba (my country) Co., Ltd. said: "The concept and goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality proposed by my country are important opportunities for all companies including Toshiba. Toshiba develops hydrogen energy application technology. For more than 50 years, power semiconductors, the key components for realizing a decarbonized society, are also our strengths, which will help Toshiba provide more complete and efficient solutions for our country's carbon neutrality goals."

Pure hydrogen fuel-powered lithium battery provides a new option for carbon reduction

In the early 1960s, Toshiba started the research and development of hydrogen energy products, which are currently mainly used in wind-solar hydrogen storage projects and the combination of renewable energy, the utilization of industrial by-product hydrogen, and the utilization of combined heat and power. The pure hydrogen fuel-powered lithium battery system H2Rex™ exhibited at this CIIE is currently the world's leading pure hydrogen fuel-powered lithium battery system. It not only increases the power generation efficiency to 50%-55%, but also the comprehensive energy efficiency of 95% and the service life of 80,000 hours standard. Importantly, H2Rex™ only emits water and does not emit CO when generating electricity, and can achieve zero carbon emissions from hydrogen production to hydrogen utilization.

Miyazaki Yoichi said: "It is very important to continue the popularization of hydrogen energy in my country, and I hope Toshiba's hydrogen energy products will provide new options for low-carbon measures." Toshiba and methanol-to-hydrogen fuel power lithium battery power generation system technology company, Mohydro Technology Co., Ltd. cooperates to supply high-quality, long-life fuel-powered lithium battery power generation systems. Combining the characteristics of my country's energy structure, the two parties highly integrate the advantages of methanol and hydrogen fuel-powered lithium batteries. Methanol produces hydrogen online, and the hydrogen does not need to be purified and supercharged. It directly enters Toshiba's long-life hydrogen-rich stack to generate electricity. More economical, more convenient, wider and safer application. The MPT long-life stationary methanol fuel-powered lithium battery cogeneration product, jointly developed by Toshiba and MoH, has the comprehensive advantages of long life, high efficiency, quietness, low emission, intelligent control, and multi-energy input, which can effectively solve the problems of communication base station, Off-grid customers such as frontier and pastoral areas, cultural tourism homestays, Southeast Asia and other off-grid customers continue to have uninterrupted electricity and thermal energy needs.

Lithium-ion batteries - the "Pearl of Energy Storage Batteries"

Lithium-ion batteries are ubiquitous in our lives today, and they are an outstanding invention in the long and legendary history, providing mankind with a convenient and intelligent way of energy storage. Toshiba’s other flagship product at this year’s CIIE, the new SCiB™ lithium-ion battery, was unveiled. It is not only small in size, light in weight, and high in power density, but also maintains a capacity of more than 90% after being charged and discharged for more than 20,000 times. 



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