Sanyo soft bag lithium battery density increases-Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Three -yuan soft bag lithium battery single energy density increases -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Visit research activities "Intelligent Manufacturing · Wanling 'Power Battery Industry Chain Intelligent Tour" organized by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association's Power Battery Application Branch and Battery China Net Organization China Network. On April 7, the research team came to Guangdong Tianjin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Tianjin Co., Ltd.) to He Tianjin CTO Wang Qiang, Tianjin's General Manager Yang Wanguang, and Chairman Assistant Dong Daping In -depth exchanges on the current environment of battery companies and the current status of intelligent manufacturing.

Members of the research team include Secretary -General of the Power Battery Application Branch, Zhang Yu, CEO of Battery China Network, Zhou Bo, Director of the Standardization Work Department/Industry Research Department of the Power Battery Application Branch, Zeng Ailiang, General Manager of Huizhou Dingli Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Relevant person in charge of Chuangzhan Company, etc.

Founded in September 2006, Tianjin was a national high -tech enterprise specializing in the overall solution of green new energy vehicle power battery system. Tianjin was officially listed on the "New Third Board" in Beijing on December 8, 2014, and successfully landed on the capital market. The company has always focused on the development of the lithium ion battery industry, specializing in the development, manufacturing and sales of polymer lithium ion power/energy storage batteries, 3C consumer lithium -ion batteries. National high -tech enterprises.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In recent years, the product structure of Tianjin has expanded from a single 3C consumer battery to a broader new energy field such as electric tools, power batteries and energy storage batteries. R & D, production, sales, and providing overall system solutions for new energy products such as object batteries, mid -to -high -end polymer power/energy storage batteries.

At present, Tianjin's material and technical route is mainly based on the three -yuan 32AH cell, and its single energy density can reach 210Wh/Kg. At the same time, the second phase of Tianjin Co., Ltd. has been under construction and will be tried at the end of 2017. Tianjin Co., Ltd. uses manual operation and equipment automation to ensure the safety and stability of product quality by strict control of each process. The research team also learned that the current domestic soft -bag battery manufacturers face many challenges in terms of production automation, especially the PACK field, and it is difficult to achieve accuracy of cylindrical and square. In addition, the automated production line of soft -pack battery companies is not mature enough. How to improve the accuracy of soft bag production equipment and improve the technical level of soft bag equipment will be the direction of domestic battery equipment companies.

The survey was sponsored by Yinghe Technology and received friendship support for Dongshi Chuangzhan.

The "China International Battery Technology Exchange Fair/Exhibition (CIBF)" is an international regular meeting of the battery industry sponsored by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association. It is held in China every two years. It is the largest exhibition in the international battery industry. CIBF's international stage, products of the entire industrial chain of the battery industry, professional audience groups, and diverse display methods, provide platforms for domestic and foreign users, buyers, and dealers to display transactions, and are the Chinese event in the world battery industry.



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