Large power lithium battery logistics vehicle -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Three countries jointly develop large lithium battery logistics vehicles -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Recently, CRRC Times Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Canada LoopEnergy Fuel Power Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. signed an agreement on the development of electric drive system products in the United States. The signing of this agreement is the first application of the electric drive system of CRRC electric new energy vehicles in high-end emerging markets such as American ports and logistics distribution centers, and also the first export of fuel power lithium battery system products to European and American countries.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

It is understood that this cooperation is jointly completed by the three parties. Canada LoopEnergy Fuel Power Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. will apply its own fuel power lithium battery to CRRC's electric core system products, and then apply CRRC's electric system products to the pure electric infield logistics trailer developed by American OEM vehicle manufacturers. This vehicle will also become the world's first large fuel power lithium battery logistics vehicle.

As the core subsystem of new energy vehicles, the electric drive system developed by CRRC Electric is equivalent to the "heart" engine of traditional vehicles. The electric drive system technology not only involves the integration of system mechanisms, but also involves the innovation and integration of different electrical systems and circuit topologies, which is extremely difficult. At present, the top ten electric drive system suppliers in the world are basically foreign companies.

In recent years, CRRC Electric has extended the high-speed rail technology accumulated for decades to the field of electric drive system for new energy vehicles. The electric drive system developed by relying on the advantages of the whole industry chain has reached the international advanced level in performance indicators. It is a real "high-speed rail" electric drive system.



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