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The working principle of lithium battery protection circuit -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The working principle of the lithium-ion battery protection circuit is introduced

With the development of the economy, electronic products have entered the homes of ordinary people. People's application demand for electronic products is also increasing. With the increasing application demand of electronic products, people's demand for lithium-ion batteries is also increasing. Lithium-ion batteries are batteries with relatively large power reserves and are widely used in various electronic products. However, some illegal players in the market have targeted this by flooding the city with many fake batteries, making it impossible for consumers to buy the real product.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Serious quality accidents have occurred in the storage of such fake and shoddy lithium-ion batteries. These fake and shoddy lithium-ion batteries are likely to be overcharged and overdischarged, resulting in explosions, and internal circuit short-circuits may also occur, resulting in explosions. However, a product that can effectively prevent the overcharge, overdischarge and internal circuit short circuit of lithium ion batteries is the lithium ion battery protection board. Today, master architects explain the use of lithium-ion battery protection boards from a professional point of view.

We all know that the lithium-ion batteries that people use are actually composed of several small lithium-ion cells in parallel. They are separated by several plastic-like panels in the gaps between the internal lithium-ion batteries. These little plastic plates are actually protective plates for lithium-ion batteries. In fact, lithium-ion battery protection plates are not made of plastic. It consists of several oil-coated non-conductive fiberboards. Oil is known to not conduct electricity, which is why Li-ion battery protection boards isolate multiple Li-ion cells and prevent short circuits.

On the other hand, we talked about the lithium-ion battery protection board also has the function of protecting the battery and preventing the battery from overcharging. The Li-ion battery protection plate has a protective purpose when the battery is continuously and rapidly charged by an external power source. When the internal power supply of the lithium-ion battery reaches saturation, the internal circuit of the lithium-ion battery protection board will automatically cut off the external fast charging power supply. Keep external power out of the battery. This is also the principle of lithium-ion battery protection board for battery overcharge protection.

We also went for the Li-ion battery protection board to protect the Li-ion battery and prevent the effect of over-discharge of the Li-ion battery. When the lithium-ion battery is excessively discharged, the internal memory of the lithium-ion battery may undergo qualitative changes. At this time, the lithium-ion battery protection board can sense and quickly disconnect the discharge power supply. The led lithium-ion battery is not all electric versions, so as to ensure the current internal lithium-ion battery. The stability of the lithium-ion battery prevents discharge.



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