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The purpose of isolation transformer in the UPS battery power supply system -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

UPS manufacturers introduce the use of isolation transformers in the UPS power supply system. Isolation transformer is a safe power supply, which is generally used for machine maintenance, lightning protection, and filtering. The isolation transformer is usually designed to be designed at the output of the inverter in the UPS power supply, which can play the use of the power supply quality of the new UPS performance improvement. This article UPS manufacturers introduce the use of isolation transformers in the UPS power supply system.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

UPS manufacturer introduces the purpose of isolation transformer in the UPS power supply system

Isolation transformer is a working -frequency transformer working at 50Hz frequency. In the UPS uninterrupted power supply system, isolation transformer is an important component.

In the UPS power supply system, the reason why the isolated transformer must be configured is that some of the UPS power supply equipment itself, a transformer foot UPS power supply circuit; some are set up to improve the quality of system power supply; others are for power grids and loads The equipment required by the device is set up between the voltage set.

When the DC / AC inverter of the UPS power supply consists of a full -bridge circuit, the output end must be an isolation transformer. The transformer has two important functions in the traditional dual transformation of the UPS power supply circuit structure. To complete the voltage function to ensure that in the case of the lower limit of the power grid voltage and the output full load, the UPS power supply can output a stable 380V/220V rated voltage;

The second is to supply zero lines for the three -phase output of the traditional dual -transformation UPS power supply full bridge inverter to meet the power supply requirements of single -phase input power load. Therefore, the output isolation transformer is a must -have part of the traditional transformation of the UPS power supply circuit structure.

The output isolation of UPS power supply has the following four advantages

1) Filter the load end harmonics and improve the quality of power supply

The isolation transformer itself has the inductance characteristics. The output isolation transformer of the UPS power supply can filter out a large number of low -dimensional harmonics of the load end, reduce high -frequency interference, and make the high -second harmonic attenuation significantly. The use of a power isolation transformer can effectively inhibit the noise interference in the AC power supply, eliminate interference, and improve the electromagnetic compatibility of the equipment.

2) Reduce zero voltage and optimize the UPS terminal power supply network

UPS's inverter output installation isolated transformer can isolate the electrical connection between the input and output, thereby effectively reducing the output zero voltage. Because the auxiliary winding of the isolated transformer adopts the Y -type connection method, a new zero line appears after the neutral point ground is grounded, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing the zero voltage.

3) "Communication and blocking DC", protect the load when UPS fails

In the modern UPS power supply, the AC/DC transformation part uses high -frequency design, which improves the input power factor (0.98) and the input voltage range of UPS. The density is high. The output isolation transformer has the ability to "communicate with DC", which can solve such problems, and can operate the load safely when the UPS power supply fails.

4) Enhance the capacity of overloaded short circuit, isolation safety load

Due to its own characteristics, isolation transformers are the most stable -working devices in UPS power. In the normal working process of UPS, if a large short -circuit current encounters a large short -circuit current, the transformer will have reverse electromotive momentum, delay the shock damage of the load and inverter in the short -circuit current, and achieve the purpose of protecting the load and the UPS host.

The above is the functional purpose of the isolated transformer in the UPS power supply system. The UPS is not intermittent and the output end of the isolation isolation transformer is used to use the use of the isolation location and transformer.



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