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The next air outlet for energy storage into new energy -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Walking into the National Scenery Storage and Transmission Demonstration Power Station in Zhangbei County, you can see rows of tall white wind turbines and sparkling blue photovoltaic panels on the green grassland.

This is the largest demonstration project of wind power storage and transmission in China. It adopts the world's first construction idea and technical route of wind power storage and transmission combined power generation, and is a comprehensive demonstration project of new energy integrating wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage devices and intelligent transmission.

This power station can "store" the wind and light resources that are "difficult to predict, control and dispatch", and convert them into high-quality and reliable green electric energy into the power grid, and can flexibly switch between the "smooth fluctuation" and "peak shaving and valley filling" operation modes. In the case of losing the power supply from the external power grid, the energy storage power station can maintain the normal operation of the power grid through the internal self starting ability.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The development of energy storage technology is one of the key core technologies to promote new energy power generation and improve the security and stability of power grids. Among various types of electrochemical energy storage technologies, lithium titanate battery has the characteristics of long cycle life and good safety performance, which fits well with the application scenario of power grid energy storage. However, the high cost of lithium titanate battery is not conducive to large-scale energy storage applications.

In this regard, China Electric Power Research Institute has jointly established a project team of "research and development of low-cost lithium titanate battery for energy storage and development and application of system integration technology". After years of research, the project team has proposed a lithium titanate battery material system and production process reconstruction principles and technical solutions to meet the energy storage application requirements based on the original lithium titanate battery, and developed submicron lithium titanate materials. The lithium titanate battery for energy storage developed by the project maintains the inherent characteristics of long life, while the cost is greatly reduced. The project won the second prize in the 2017 Beijing Science and Technology Award.

The next air outlet of new energy

Energy storage is considered as the next wind outlet of new energy. As a forward-looking technology to promote the development of new energy industry in the future, energy storage industry will play a huge role in new energy grid connection, new energy vehicles, smart grid, micro grid, distributed energy system, household energy storage system, etc.

"The reason for the development of energy storage is that photovoltaic and wind power generation are intermittent and unstable, so the cooperation of energy storage system is needed to provide stable and reliable power." Yang Kai, director of the Energy Storage Battery Research Office of the China Electric Power Research Institute, told reporters.

The adoption of large-scale energy storage technology can promote the development of renewable energy, improve the security and stability of power grid, improve the quality of power supply, and effectively alleviate the contradiction between power supply and demand.

The large-scale energy storage system runs through all the links of power generation, transmission, distribution and use. Its application can not only improve the performance of the traditional power system, but also bring revolutionary changes to the planning, design, layout, operation management and use of the power grid. In this sense, energy storage technology is a technology commanding point with national strategic significance. The development of energy storage technology is actually "storage of the future".

A "wonderful flower" in lithium ion batteries

It is understood that energy storage technology mainly includes mechanical energy storage, electrochemical energy storage, electromagnetic energy storage and phase change energy storage. In recent years, the electrochemical energy storage technology represented by lithium-ion batteries has the characteristics of large energy scale, flexible site selection, fast response speed, etc. It meets the technical requirements of power system and the development trend of smart grid. It has been the research focus of research institutions in various countries and has become the fastest growing energy storage technology of power system. Lithium ion battery is a kind of "rocking chair battery". 



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