The next 30 years of the battery industry -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The next 30 years of the battery industry -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

"Ignoring environmental issues is betraying the next generation." This was Obama's final advice in his farewell speech.

In 2008, Obama walked into the White House with a series of commitments to tackle climate change: to get rid of dependence on Middle East oil and vigorously develop clean energy. Since then, the United States has embarked on the road of rapid development of clean energy.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In American colleges and universities, clean energy has also become a hot research topic. Hu Qichao, who was studying for a doctorate in applied physics at Harvard University at the time, put his focus on the application of battery technology.

Hu Qichao, who is dedicated to applying technology to life, does not want to let his research results go to the shelf. After saying goodbye to two young professors who focused on basic research, Hu Qichao finally started his applied research on lithium metal batteries under the guidance of the third professor, which also laid a solid foundation for future development.

In 2012, A123, the largest lithium-ion battery manufacturer in the United States, declared bankruptcy. This battery company emerged from colleges and universities to allow the American academic circle to see the possibility of battery technology landing, but its bankruptcy also casts a layer on future development. shadow.

"Surfing a small wave is about how you behave when everything is going well, while surfing a big wave is about how you behave when everything is not going well." At that time, Hu Qichao stood on the cusp of the storm and founded SolidEnergySystems Massachusetts Solid Energy Company with full of enthusiasm , which is today's SES, opened his own "lithium metal battery" road.

In July this year, SES announced the formal merger with the famous Ivanhoe Capital acquisition company. SES is expected to list on the New York Stock Exchange as a SPAC by the end of this year. The merged entity company will become one of the few listed companies in the world for power lithium-ion batteries, and the first lithium metal battery supplier in the world to be traded on the market.

On November 4th, SES held its first SESBatteryWorld event and announced the Apollo lithium metal battery with a capacity of 107Ah, which is currently the world's largest lithium metal battery with a single capacity. At the same time, SES also announced that it is building a super factory in Jiading, Shanghai.

According to Yiou Automobile, the Apollo battery has a capacity of up to 107Ah, weighs only 0.982Kg, and has an energy density of 417Wh/kg and 935Wh/L. After 10 hours, 3 hours and 1 hour of discharge tests at room temperature, Apollo batteries showed high performance. capacity and energy density.

Meanwhile, SES' Shanghai Gigafactory is scheduled to be completed in 2023, with a total area of ​​30,000 square meters. The super factory is located in Shanghai Jiading International Automobile City. After completion, the output will reach 1GWh, which will be the world's largest lithium metal battery factory.

Lithium metal batteries are the next 30 years for the battery industry

In the past 150 years, there have been 5 technological revolutions in the battery industry, lead-acid batteries in 1870, nickel-cadmium batteries in 1900, alkaline batteries in 1930, nickel-hydrogen batteries in 1960, and lithium-ion batteries in 1990. Hu Qichao said that in 2020, the battery industry will usher in a new revolution beyond lithium-ion batteries. This time, the protagonist is the lithium metal (Li-Metal) battery.

Compared with lithium-ion systems, solid-state batteries using lithium metal as the negative electrode have better performance, safety, recyclability, and lower cost. However, due to limitations in materials and processes, all-solid-state lithium metal batteries are only a dream of Nanke.

At the beginning of the establishment of SES, Hu Qichao specialized in the field of all-solid-state lithium metal batteries. Crossing the river by feeling the stones and stumbling along the way, he finally found a feasible battery optimization road between lithium-ion batteries and all-solid-state lithium metal batteries-hybrid lithium metal batteries, that is, 60% of the positive electrode material and lithium-ion batteries are completely Similarly, 40% of the negative electrode uses lithium metal and special electrolyte materials.

The improvement of energy density and the reduction of production costs are the optimal path for power lithium-ion batteries and the core competitiveness of battery suppliers. Compared with traditional lithium-ion batteries, SES's hybrid lithium-metal battery has faster charging speed, higher energy density, lower cost and safer material itself with the same output and the same cathode material.



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