The new type of power lithium battery PACK -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The new type of power lithium battery PACK -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The TSLA shock wave is in the ascendant, the upstream and downstream of the power lithium battery industry will undergo profound changes, and the intelligentization of battery pACK is imminent.

Relevant persons of Juda Company pointed out that intelligence is the development trend of power lithium battery pACK. The battery pack is the core energy source of new energy vehicles. The details of each process are full of technical content, including customized development technology of battery management system, thermal management technology, current control and detection technology, module assembly design technology, aluminum alloy power lithium battery Outer box casting technology, computer virtual development technology, etc. The domestic technology level lags behind Japan and South Korea, which is quite a sense of crisis.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The intelligentization of power lithium battery pACK is a big proposition, and it is necessary to innovate and focus on solving its own pain points and difficulties. Knowing the enemy and knowing the already, you can fight a hundred battles without being imperiled.

Pain points of pACK

It is reported that the power lithium battery pACK has reached a market of 100 billion, but the degree of intelligence is not high. The pain points of pACK are mainly reflected in three aspects: first, the process consistency is poor, it is difficult to control the details of each process, and it is difficult to achieve consistency; second, the technology gap is large, and the gap between domestic and foreign equipment makes some domestic power lithium battery companies tend to In terms of international procurement of equipment, self-developed research and development are neglected, forming a vicious circle; third, there is insufficient cooperation within the industry, and there is insufficient assistance between different types of internal participants and companies.

In addition, the power lithium battery system pACK also has customized market pain points. Experts believe that if the same standard module is used to build a battery pACK, it can quickly supply suitable battery packs for different models, and can optimize the battery heat dissipation structure, improve the working efficiency of the battery pACK, reduce costs, and reduce development costs. In addition, the company's production in accordance with unified production standards can also ensure the consistency, safety and reliability of battery packs to the greatest extent. However, the customized market demand requires more technical research and exploration.

"It is necessary to fully recognize the pain points of the power lithium battery pACK line itself, and master the new style. The first is safety. The higher the battery energy density, the greater the challenge of safety performance. This is not only the problem faced by pACK, but also the whole The problem that the industry is trying to solve. The second is reliability. Power lithium batteries are very different from consumer batteries. How to achieve reliability indicators on the basis of current technology is a big challenge for the entire pack. Thirdly, the environment Adaptability, new energy vehicles work in the open air most of the time, and different humidity and temperature lead to different battery performance requirements, which is also a problem that the power lithium battery system should focus on solving."

while innovation

In the current crisis, it is necessary to explore new ideas of pACK with innovative thinking. For example, due to the instability of the module, the incoming cells, shells, PCB boards, connecting sheets, etc. may change, and the compatibility of the production line is particularly important. More and more customers are requesting the integration of pACK and modular MES systems for better management and fast query. How to solve technical difficulties requires new ideas and new methods.

Experts pointed out: "To improve the integration efficiency of the pack, the first way is to optimize the internal structural design of the pACK, greatly reduce the number of components inside the pACK, and integrate more components and functions on the module and box to reduce weight; It is to use thin and light materials to reduce weight and overall lightweight. For example, aluminum profiles or composite materials are used instead of high-strength steel, plastic parts are used instead of metal parts, etc. It is also possible to explore better and more innovative paths."

Industry insiders believe that there are two key factors for the pACK system to ensure consistency and high reliability. One is to use advanced intelligent equipment with a high degree of automation to control the production process to ensure the consistency of batteries at each manufacturing node; The second is to improve the pACK process level.



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