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The new generation of fixed -type fixed -type phosphate fuel power batteries have been made in breakthroughs -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

In February this year, the United States UnitedTechnologyCorp. The latest generation of fixed fixed fixed-type fuel power battery Purecell-400 system has run 100,000 hours on the spot to achieve milestone achievements. Purecell-400 design system consists of air treatment unit, power supply unit, electrical control unit, thermal energy and water treatment unit, fuel process unit, cooling module, and remote monitoring. The fuel power lithium battery uses natural gas as the raw material, with a maximum output power of 400 kilowatts, exporting 60Hz480 volt three -phase AC power, 1.7 million BTUs per hour, 90%overall energy efficiency, 1100LB/mWh of carbon dioxide emission indicators, noise below 60 decibels, cleaning Efficient, life span of 20 years. In particular, the life of the fuel power lithium battery group is up to 10 years. It is two times that of the previous 200 system and 3-4 times that of other commercial fuel power lithium battery competition systems. The durability performance is superior. A set of 400 systems can meet the energy consumption needs of more than 3,000 home users in the United States. It can be installed in schools, hospitals, factories, office buildings inside and outside, roof, and basement, and can be used in power grids or independent power supply.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Cost reference: Install two sets of 400 concepts with a cooling system in New Jersey, USA, and the installation cost of 4.1 million US dollars under government subsidies is $ 4.1 million (in fact the Federal and State Government currently give nearly half of funding and subsidies). Its operating cost depends on the electricity price and natural gas price of the installation location. Assuming that the natural gas market price is $ 11/MMBTU, and the price per kWh is 0.2 US dollars, the two 400 kilowatt fuel power lithium battery devices are used for the comprehensive efficiency of data center power supply (plus fuel fuel (plus fuel fuel Power lithium battery thermal energy use) can save $ 948,000 a year; $ 0.12 per kWh, and can save $ 273,000 a year.

U.S. United Technology Corporation (UTC) fuel power lithium battery research and development and production has a history of more than 40 years, and in alkaline fuel power lithium batteries, phosphate fuel power lithium batteries, molten carbonate fuel power lithium batteries, solid oxide fuel power lithium batteries 2. Proton exchange membrane fuel power lithium battery manufacturing has rich relevant experience. The alkaline fuel power lithium battery developed by it was first used in the Apollo plan. It is still a supplier of the US astronauts and automatic space cabins. Since the early 1990s, UTCPOWER has designed, manufactured and installed more than 300 sets of fixed sets of fixed -type fuel power battery power supply systems for 19 countries around the world.



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