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The Graphene Industry Innovation Center's technical achievements announcement conference was held in Beijing. -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center’s technological achievements conference was held grandly during the 20th Beijing Science and Technology Expo. At the meeting, Beijing Graphene Technology Research Institute released the results on behalf of the Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center, and also released the Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center’s “four-axis linkage” industrial development roadmap.

Beijing attaches great importance to the work of the Graphene Industry Innovation Center. At present, the innovation center has formed a structure of "one body, two wings and one fund". One body refers to the operating entity-Beijing City and China Aviation Industry Corporation invested 1 billion yuan, based on the nearly 10 Beijing Graphene Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. was established with the achievements of graphene innovation in 2011. Its two wings are the left wing - the innovation wing which is mainly composed of graphene application technology research institutions. The scientific research strength of the large institute integrates scientific and technological innovation resources, and the right wing. ——The industrial wing composed of China Graphene Alliance and Zhongguancun Graphene Industry Alliance, One Fund refers to a series of graphene industry funds formed around the industrialization of graphene application technology, including: graphene industry mother fund, graphene incubation seed park Fund, Graphene Technology Industrialization Fund, etc. It has become an organically linked whole.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

With the industrial innovation center as the core in the layout of the graphene industry, Beijing has formed an industrial development roadmap of "four axes of linkage": First, the innovation axis, with a large number of domestic institutions, institutes, universities, etc. represented by Peking University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. With the best domestic leading talents as the core, we aim at the basic frontier of global graphene, comprehensively integrate domestic and foreign innovation resources, and make long-term and unremitting efforts to continuously output a batch of leading international graphene innovation results. The second is the transformation axis. The Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center is building the country's largest graphene industrialization pilot base (expected to be completed by the end of July) to accelerate research on common technologies for graphene applications and improve the maturity of the innovation results produced by the innovation axis. Continuously transform them into innovative products with industrial value. The third is the incubation axis. The Industrial Innovation Center is negotiating with relevant districts to accelerate the construction of graphene seed parks and launch a number of innovative companies. Focusing on the innovative products of the transformation axis, it will work with partners and alliance members to develop application technologies, key processes, In-depth cooperation in service models and other fields has resulted in a batch of innovative products that are truly market competitive. The fourth is the industrial axis. After the products are incubated in Beijing, they will focus on industrial transfer to domestic mature industrial parks such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta.

Centering on the Graphene Industry Innovation Center, Beijing's graphene industry has opened a new chapter of "technology first, rolling development", and the active involvement of the Graphene Industry Fund at different stages and the international promotion of the Graphene Industry Alliance are the success of the innovation center's technology transformation. strong guarantee.

Focusing on the industrial pattern layout of "Industrial Innovation Center as the core, four-axis linkage", this summit will be held in Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center, Beijing Petrochemical New Materials Base, Tianjin Dongli Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shenbei New District Government, Jixi Municipal Government, Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone signed an industrial co-construction agreement and released the Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center Seed Park Fund and Tianjin Toray Graphene Industry Fund. All parties participating in the meeting will give full play to the technological advantages of local government industry leadership demonstrations and national scientific research institutes, create a model of military-civilian integrated development, and promote the formation of "Beijing innovation core, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei main platform, and national network" based on the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei. The graphene industry innovation and development system has made Beijing a key hub of the global graphene innovation network, a collaborative center for the national graphene industry innovation and development, a demonstration area for graphene military-civilian integration, and the main engine and main force of the national high-end graphene industry. It is of great significance and role in upholding and strengthening the core functions of the capital as a national science and technology innovation center and international exchange center, realizing the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, implementing deep military-civilian integration, and creating a high-tech economic structure.

Dr. Wang Xudong of Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center released the technical achievements of Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center

At the meeting, the China Graphene Alliance made a press release that the first World Graphene Conference will be held in Beijing in September this year. The conference will be held annually and will gradually become the world's highest-level, most fruitful, largest-scale and most comprehensive conference. The annual event of the international graphene industry provides strong support for the innovation center to absorb the world's advanced technologies, recruit outstanding talents from all over the world, and establish a global market structure.

Liu Wei, Secretary-General of the China Graphene Alliance, released the plan for the 2017 World Graphene Conference in Beijing, China

In addition, the cooperation between the Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center and Jixi City, Heilongjiang Province, the capital of graphite in China, will also drive the coordinated development of the old industrial base in Northeast China. The International Graphite and Graphene Commodity Trading Center established by the Innovation Center in support of the Jixi Municipal Government will be established by Jixi City. The government, the China Graphene Alliance, and relevant enterprises in Jixi region have jointly established a joint effort to strengthen industry supervision and guidance, standardize procurement, selection, deep processing and sales behaviors, and realize online transactions on the basis of Jixi City’s already large share of international graphite products. Through the overseas branches of the China Graphene Alliance, we will seamlessly connect with the international market and strive to build an international graphite and graphene commodity trading platform with global voice.

Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center Application Technology Project Signing Ceremony

At this summit, the presentation of excellent graphene projects such as Green Energy Jiaye, Bizhi New Energy, Aijia Technology, Mokinene Carbon, and Nano-Lecene received widespread praise. Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center has cooperated with state-owned and listed companies such as Shougang Group, Xinjiang Zhonghe, Baichuan Chemical, Handi Group, Aijia Technology, Jinfang Group, Lujiatu, Pinchi Medical, Century Jinguang, Yihang Penguan and so on. Representative companies in Beijing, as well as investment institutions such as Zhongpeng Capital and Everbright Innovation Investment, have discussed graphene aluminum alloy wires, graphene bearing steel, graphene lithium battery cathode materials, graphene sensors, graphene advanced medical materials, and graphene coal-to-electricity products. and signed scientific research transformation agreements and contracts, involving more than 300 million yuan in cooperation funds.



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