The battery revolution for electric vehicles -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The battery revolution for electric vehicles -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Some time ago, Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Company, announced the next stage of its development strategy in China, the China 2025 Plan. On the same day, GM held a 2017 GM China "Explore Experience of Electrification Technology" event in Shanghai. The two fuel car companies announced the transition to electrification, and two more veterans were added to the new energy electric vehicle force. Under the influence of the decline of financial subsidies and the double-point policy, behind the prosperity of the domestic new energy vehicle industry is a new round of reforms, although GM shared its unique technologies in the three fields of batteries, motors and battery management systems on the same day. Concept and advantages, but from the perspective of the current slow technological development, battery technology is not revolutionary, and the development of electric vehicles will reach its peak.

During the Guangzhou Auto Show last month, Tesla released the supercar Roadster 2, and people cheered for Tesla's 1.9-second limit of acceleration from 100 kilometers. This is due to the previous fastest internal combustion engine sports car, the Bugatti Chiron. The 100-kilometer acceleration is 2.53 seconds, and 1.9 seconds is undoubtedly a performance monster that can break through the current limit of the car, not to mention when the tires can no longer break the limit.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Although Tesla's Roadster2 showed its absolute strength in the electric field, and Elon Musk also said, what the Roadster2 has to do is to give gasoline cars a hard blow. But from the parameters, the author found that the 0~96km/h acceleration of 1.9 seconds, the 1000km battery life, and the torque on the 10000N m wheel are also the unfortunate peak of the motor technology, and Musk secretly changed the concept. According to the question "How to Evaluate Tesla (Tesla Motors) Roadster2 (Thousands of Miles of Battery Life, Breaking Hundreds in Two Seconds)", some respondents calculated the torque on the supercar wheel, the Tesla Roadster2 with a torque of 10000N m In fact, it is not unusual. Converted back to the common expression of car torque, it is not as good as the motor torque of the Model SP100D released by Tesla two years ago. The Roadster 2 is undoubtedly the most powerful mass-produced electric vehicle at the moment, but frustratingly, it also represents the limit of motor efficiency and performance under the premise that battery density can no longer move forward.

Under the background that the performance of the motor cannot be improved, the only thing that can be done is to continuously optimize and compromise on battery management and electric shock deployment. Tesla chose to pack a 200 kWh battery by sacrificing the space inside the car. With the slow development of battery technology, the only thing that can be done is to find compensable points in battery management and other technologies, which presents a difficult task for energy consumption optimization. It is meaningless to rely on stacking battery capacity to solve mileage anxiety, so that Roadster2 sacrifices interior space to put a 200kWh battery. The barrier of battery technology restricts the development of many industries. This time, the Roadster2 played a word game by using the torque on the wheel to refer to the torque, highlighting the advantages of fast starting and acceleration of electric vehicles, and avoiding the shortcomings of batteries, but it still cannot prove that the era of electric vehicles has come, and the internal combustion engine has been suspended. And it also indirectly acknowledged that battery technology will not make a breakthrough in 2020.

As we all know, at present, the electric vehicles that are in full swing mainly rely on the motor and battery technology as the core, which is one of the reasons why Gree, which is the first in air conditioning, turned to embrace new energy vehicles. Gree has extremely advantageous motor technology. The business is also involved in the energy industry, and Zhuhai Yinlong has battery technology, which of course is acquired from abroad, and the two arms will not become China's Tesla? But the reality is that when the battery technology does not revolutionize and the motor performance reaches its peak, electric vehicles are trapped here, and they can neither eliminate the life of the internal combustion engine nor go further.



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