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The advantage of lithium battery and copper foil in lithium ion batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The advantages of lithium battery and copper foil in power lithium batteries

①Prominate lithium -ion battery ratio energy. The estimated data shows that the weight foil with a pore rate of 17%at the same specifications decreases by 17%of the weight of the pore rate, which helps the power cells lightweight;

② Effectively improve the performance of lithium ion battery. The lithium ion battery of confession foil, the migration of lithium ions spreads to the extreme ear end through the two -dimensional direction of the foil. After the foil is passed, the diffusion path of the lithium ion can be transformed into a three -dimensional comprehensive penetration, and it can enter the pores. The contact surface of the positive and negative pole material and the foil is added, reducing the lithium ion migration radius and improving conductivity efficiency;(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

③ Effectively reduce the internal resistance of lithium ion battery. The comparison of the same foil is displayed. At the same time, using punching copper foil and aluminum foil can effectively reduce internal resistance by 8%~ 20%;

④ Effectively improve the efficiency of battery work. When the thickness of the negative electrode material coated on both sides of the copper foil is inconsistent, after using the copper foil, the copper lithium ion can be moved freely between the two sides of the copper foil, so that the places with more lithium ions can move to a place with less lithium ion. , To compensate the problem of uneven coating;

⑤ The infiltration efficiency of electrolyte can be greatly improved, and it can ensure that the consistency of infiltration is 100%;

⑥ Improve the surface adhesion of the foil and extend the life of the battery. Through the material between the pores, the positive and negative pole coating the front and back of the two sides of the material form the form -shaped occlusion state.

⑦ Enhance the softness of the pole film, which is more suitable for the application of flexible batteries.

Lithium battery and copper foil has become the first choice for lithium -ion batteries due to good electrical conductivity, good mechanical processing performance, soft texture, mature manufacturing technology, and outstanding cost advantages.



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