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Technology of 48V lithium battery pack system for vehicle -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Technical advantages and application of 48V lithium-ion battery pack system for vehicle use. The 48V light mix system is mainly composed of 48V lithium ion battery pack, motor with integrated AC/DC inverter and DC/DC converter. The 48V power supply system can store more power than the 12V power supply system. On vehicles equipped with the start stop system, the engine can be shut down for a long time to reduce the frequent starting of the engine due to low battery power.

Technical advantages of vehicle mounted 48V lithium-ion battery pack system

Although 12V startup and shutdown cost is low, carbon dioxide emission reduction is limited; High pressure hybrid has more emission reduction, but the system cost increases more; The 48V lithium-ion battery pack system provides performance close to that of the high-voltage hybrid technology at a cost close to that of the 12V start stop system; At the same time, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by up to 15%; Moreover, the 48V lithium-ion battery pack system can supply other loads besides the power system, such as air conditioning, steering, seat heating, etc.

At present, the mainstream in the Japanese market is strong hybrid vehicles equipped with high voltage batteries above 100V, which use lithium-ion rechargeable battery modules above 100V. Although it can greatly improve the fuel efficiency of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), the cost of special components and pressure resistant components is high. The use of the 48V lithium-ion battery pack system will also increase costs, but the cost of pure electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles can be saved by 40% to 60%.

One of the keys of the 48V lithium-ion battery pack system is the lithium-ion battery technology. The lithium-ion battery technology can supply a higher energy density (3 times) than the lead-acid chemical battery, and its size and weight are also reduced. At the same time, the 48V lithium-ion battery has better charging performance, which can store the recovered energy of vehicle braking more efficiently, and provide support for more and more electronic loads (such as front seat heating, heated windshield, rear shock absorber) needed in the vehicle.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The 48V lithium-ion battery pack packs the BMS substrate, battery cell, relay and fuse pack in the same box, which is highly assembleable and reliable, further improving the relevant technology.

Advantages and characteristics of 48V lithium-ion battery pack system

● Flexible platform design, targeted research and development, support customization, and be able to provide personalized services for different OEM needs

● Simple maintenance and low maintenance cost

● Low noise

● Enhanced durability and impact resistance

● Strong endurance, low self consumption and long battery life

● High energy density, small size, light weight and diversified shapes

Application of 48V lithium-ion battery pack system for vehicle

Due to the lagging technological innovation of batteries, the development of pure electric vehicles is slow. Therefore, some experts said that the hybrid power system is more in line with the current demand for energy conservation and emission reduction. In the hybrid power system, the 48V lithium-ion battery pack has the highest "cost performance".

The lithium-ion battery pack for vehicles is the power lithium-ion battery for hybrid electric vehicles and electric vehicles. Because some technical performances of the nickel metal hydride battery, such as energy density, charging and discharging speed, have reached the theoretical limit, the lithium-ion battery has been unanimously recognized by automobile manufacturers and battery manufacturers due to its high energy density, large capacity, no memory and other advantages. At present, the focus of research and development in various countries is lithium-ion batteries.

The 48V system is an improvement and upgrade of the 12V "micro hybrid system". BSG motor is used to replace the traditional starting motor and generator, which is equivalent to an enhanced automatic start stop system. In addition to the automatic start stop function, the 48V system can also supply auxiliary power when necessary to reduce fuel consumption when starting.

As far as power lithium battery is concerned, ternary lithium ion battery pack, lithium iron phosphate battery pack and lithium titanate battery have been applied in the field of electric vehicles. Technology upgrading stage in 2020. The industrialization of new lithium ion batteries has been realized. The specific energy of energy type lithium ion batteries has reached 350Wh/kg, and the specific energy of energy power lithium battery has reached 200Wh/kg. 



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