Technology breakthrough of lithium oxygen -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Technology breakthrough of lithium oxygen battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

According to foreign media reports, Professor Linda Nazar of the University of Canada announced that his research team had realized four electron conversion for the first time, which would double the electronic storage capacity of lithium oxygen batteries (Li-O2).

Nazar team transformed organic electrolyte into inorganic molten salt of lithium nitrate/potassium nitrate, aiming to improve its chemical stability and conductivity. In addition, the team used a bifunctional metal oxide catalyst to replace the porous carbon cathode, which improved the battery capacity and reduced the overpotential.

Compared with Li2O2, at 150 ℃, the battery will generate more stable Li2O during use, and its thermodynamic performance is better. This battery cell uses a variety of materials to improve its thermodynamic performance and kinetics. The battery developed by researchers has better charging performance. Theoretically, its energy storage performance has increased by 50%.

In the field of battery research, lithium oxygen battery is very attractive, which is mainly due to its theoretical energy density. Energy density is the energy storage capacity of materials. When the cell undergoes electrochemical reaction, its energy will be stored in the cell.

Previously, the technical challenges of lithium oxygen batteries focused on the cathode, organic electrolyte, superoxide and lithium peroxide. However, this research has solved all the problems of intrinsic limitations and proved the possibility of four electron transmission inside this type of battery and the reversibility of the reaction. Its theoretical coulombic efficiency is close to 100%.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)



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