Technical safety standard for non combustible -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Technical safety standard for non combustible battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Recently, the incombustible battery technology developed by Micromacro held a global announcement in Beijing Water Cube. This 8-year research and development achievement has far-reaching significance for the whole new energy. It is understood that the incombustible battery technology has dealt with the safety dilemma surrounding lithium ion batteries from both active and passive defense levels. It is an innovative and leading new technology in the battery industry and is expected to refresh the global safety technology standards for lithium ion batteries.

In the past year, the domestic electric vehicle market has been extremely hot. However, the global auto manufacturers still haven't sold electric vehicles on a large scale. An important reason is the uncontrollable combustion of lithium-ion batteries. As an energy carrier, lithium ion batteries have uncontrollable risk of internal short circuit in the process of processing and use. According to the current industry's highest standard 18650 battery cell quality control rate of 2ppm, for every 100000 cars sold, 1600 cars have a high risk of spontaneous combustion.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Micromacro has researched and developed electric vehicle power system since 2008, and has established three research and development elements of 10 minute fast charging, long life and non combustion. At present, Micromacro has more than 10000 sets in 6 countries and more than 100 cities around the world.



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