New sodium battery material -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

South Korea develops new sodium battery materials -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

According to the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), the energy fusion research group of the institute has successfully developed a new type of nanocomposite (tin fluoride SnF2) and carbon-based anode materials for sodium-ion batteries. The findings were published in the journal NanoEnergy in the field of nanotechnology.

By adjusting the manufacturing environment, the research group made a sealed nanocomposite with a thicker carbon layer, mixed SnF2 and highly conductive acetylene under inert conditions, and made a negative electrode material by grinding and successfully applied it. in sodium-ion batteries. It was found that the capacity of the newly developed nanocomposite anode material (SnF2/C) was more than doubled to 563mAh/g compared with the capacity of the SnF2 electrode without composite (323mAh/g). In addition, in terms of battery life test, the capacity of the SnF2 electrode without compounding dropped to 49mAh/g after being repeatedly charged and discharged for 50 times, while the capacity of the nanocomposite electrode could still reach 337mAh after the same number of charge and discharge. /g, more durable.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The head of the research group said that the research results will further improve the performance of sodium-ion batteries, and will promote the application of sodium-ion batteries to energy storage systems in the future.



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