Solve the crystal point problem? -Cutting and stacking Integrated machine

Solve the crystal point problem? -Cutting and stacking Integrated machine

After the laser cutting machine cuts the material, the finished product will occasionally show the phenomenon of crystal dots. There are two main reasons. One is that the raw material itself has crystal points, and the other is that dust is generated during the cutting process, and the dust is mixed into the subsequent processes.
To solve these two problems, first start with the raw materials, pay attention to inspections when purchasing raw materials, and second, avoid the generation of crystal points when laser cutting.(Cutting and stacking Integrated machine)

Yixinfeng J500D-AL laser cutting machine (multiple ears) adopts its own proprietary arc roller surface cutting technology, which can effectively solve the problem of crystal points generated in laser cutting. This machine has dust protection technology, which can reduce the dust generated during the cutting process and prevent the dust from spreading to the subsequent processes. Equipped with front and back side non-contact powder brushing equipment to ensure the cleanliness of the material surface.



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