Solid-state lithium-ion batteries are supported -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Solid-state lithium-ion batteries are supported by the state -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

It was learned from the Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau that the high specific energy solid-state lithium battery technology project led by the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Processes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was shortlisted for the new energy vehicle key project of the Ministry of Science and Technology's 2018 National Key R&D Program, and will receive 23.63 million yuan from the central government.

In 2014 and 2015, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau successively approved the Qingdao Energy Institute to establish the Qingdao Energy Storage Industry Technology Research Institute, the Qingdao Energy Storage Industry Electrochemical Energy Storage Public R&D Platform, the Municipal Think Tank Fund, the Public R&D Platform and the National 863 Program, etc. With the continuous support of funds, experts have been organized to overcome the key technical difficulties in the industrialization of safe and high-energy density solid-state lithium battery products such as ion conduction regulation at the solid-solid interface and solid-state electrolyte preparation.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In 2017, the "Qingneng No. 1" solid-state lithium battery system of the Qingdao Energy Institute went to the Mariana Trench with the Chinese Academy of Sciences abyss scientific research team to carry out the scientific research mission, providing energy for the control system of the "Wanquan" abyss lander, which was successfully completed. Demonstration application of 10,000 meters deep sea. At that time, the "Wanquan" had a cumulative underwater working time of 134 hours and a maximum continuous operation time of 20 hours, indicating that the Qingdao Energy Institute had mastered the key core technology of the deep and long-lasting power supply in the whole sea.

At present, the project has been listed in Qingdao's key support technology direction of new and old kinetic energy conversion technology, and has formed investment intentions with a number of investment institutions, which will effectively promote the development of new energy vehicles and marine industries in Qingdao.



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