Solid-state battery technology and cost issues -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Solid-state battery technology and cost constraints industrialization -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Financial Associated Press (Beijing, reporter Xu Hao), the upcoming June, echoing the frequent fire accidents of new energy vehicles, is the industry's attention to solid-state batteries with higher safety and energy density. Under this industry trend, traditional vehicle manufacturing companies including Volkswagen have further strengthened their layout in the field of solid-state batteries.

"If all solid-state batteries are used, the cruising range of the company's EV model e-Golf can be increased from the current 300 kilometers to 750 kilometers." After completing a $200 million capital increase in solid-state battery developer QuantumScape in mid-June this year, Volkswagen The group made such a prediction. In early June, Zhejiang Hezhong, one of the domestic new car companies, also reached an in-depth cooperation with Qingtao Energy to jointly promote the research and development and application of solid-state batteries.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Although solid-state batteries have the advantages of high energy density, high safety performance, and high cycle times compared with the current mainstream ternary lithium batteries in the market, some people in the industry believe that it will take time for solid-state batteries to achieve industrial application.

"From the perspective of the latest subsidy policy, the state has not made higher requirements for technical indicators such as energy density of power lithium battery systems. The current new energy market is still policy-oriented, and there is not enough incentive for relevant companies to apply costs. Higher solid-state batteries." said Song Nan, an industry expert.

Cross-border layout of solid-state batteries

In December 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)" (draft for comments), which put forward requirements for improving technological innovation capabilities, including "accelerating the research and development of all-solid-state power lithium battery technology and Industrialization" etc.

Prior to this, many multinational car companies have begun to deploy the solid-state battery industry. In addition to the Volkswagen Group, which has recently completed a capital increase in a solid-state battery research and development company and is preparing to build a solid-state battery production line in 2025, BMW, Toyota, Daimler and other car companies have also completed corresponding strategic deployments. Among them, Toyota Executive President and Chief Technology Officer Shigeki Terajima has revealed that Toyota will launch a new energy model equipped with solid-state batteries in 2020; at the beginning of this year, Daimler announced that it will cooperate with Canadian Hydro Quebec to develop solid-state battery technology. , once it reaches mass production status, it will be used in electric vehicles owned by Daimler.

Among the domestic vehicle companies, BYD and BAIC, as the two representative companies of new energy vehicles, have also taken actions in the field of solid-state batteries. BYD told reporters, "BYD already has technical reserves in solid-state batteries, but it is not convenient to disclose the specific content."

BAIC Production and Investment, a subsidiary of BAIC Group, completed its investment in Qingtao (Kunshan) Energy Development Co., Ltd. in August 2019. The two parties will cooperate in the industrialization of solid-state lithium batteries.

Also partnering with Qingtao Energy is Hezhong Auto, represented by a new car company. "The two parties will take promoting the application of solid-state power lithium batteries as the core principle, aiming to give full play to the technical potential of solid-state power lithium batteries and speed up the verification and testing of solid-state power lithium batteries." The relevant person in charge of Hezhong Automobile said, "Qingtao will As the only solid-state power lithium battery partner of Hezhong, we provide Hezhong with high-safety solid-state power lithium battery solutions."

In the upstream of the automobile industry chain, according to the statistics of Huajing Industry Research Institute, as many as 16 power lithium battery companies, including CATL, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, and Honeycomb Power, have started the research and development of solid-state batteries.

"CATL's research directions are lithium-sulfur, lithium-air (lithium-air batteries), all-solid-state and sodium-ion batteries." At the beginning of this year, CATL chief scientist Wu Kai revealed to the public.

Large-scale promotion will take time

Although it is sought after by many international mainstream car companies, some companies have given up the research and development of solid-state batteries.



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