Solid state battery research and development in -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Solid state battery research and development in full swing -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

According to foreign media reports, QuantumScape will establish a joint venture with Volkswagen to achieve industrial mass production of solid state batteries. The two sides plan to establish a solid state lithium battery production line in 2025.

Nowadays, solid state battery cell is the most promising technology for future electric vehicles. This battery technology can also improve the energy density of current lithium ion batteries, enhance their safety and improve their fast charging capacity. In addition, Volkswagen successfully completed the testing of early samples of QuantumScape solid state batteries in Germany.

According to Yale's analysis, the current solid state battery has a strong growth momentum, which will drive the development of the electric vehicle industry.

At present, many technology modules of solid state battery are in the stage of technology research and development, involving the following aspects: electrolyte material screening, ion conductivity improvement, electrolyte/motor interface stability, lithium metal anode, battery separator coating, cell and battery pack manufacturing method, battery management system and battery pack design.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The strong participation of electric vehicle/hybrid vehicle manufacturers is an important driving factor for the commercialization of solid state batteries. In fact, the design simplification of the battery pack and its components will enhance the cost competitive advantage of this type of battery.

According to Yole D é velopment market expectation, the mass production of solid state batteries will begin in 2022. By 2025, the demand for lithium ion batteries will be less than 1%. At present, battery equipment manufacturers are not interested in investing in solid state batteries, but this situation will change after the large-scale establishment of solid state battery manufacturing facilities.



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