"Smart" battery separator improves -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

"Smart" battery separator improves charging efficiency -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

A team of researchers from Ohio State University (OSU) in the United States applied research on the structure of human biological cell membrane to develop a "smart" battery diaphragm that can effectively reduce charge penetration, improve the charging rate, extend the storage time (reduce self discharge), and enhance the safety of electric vehicle batteries. The utility model solves the problem that the traditional battery separator allows the charge to easily penetrate the separator during charging, which reduces the energy efficiency and service life of the battery, and is easy to cause heating.

The traditional battery design has always been unable to avoid the phenomenon of self discharge, but the team of OSU imitated the structure of human cell membrane, which can make corresponding response according to electronic stimulation to close the pores. The more than studied is named "ionic redox transistor" - a polymer film with multiple opening and closing micropores, which opens the micropores when shrinking and closes them when opening. The researchers said that in the experimental results, the battery separator of this new technology can reduce the charge loss rate to 0, without any impact on the normal charging and discharging function of the battery.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

The intelligent battery diaphragm can also improve the charging efficiency. According to the analysis of the research team, in traditional electric or hybrid vehicles, charging per minute can only bring less than 0.8km (half a mile) of mileage. However, with the application of the new technology of "ionic redox transistor", charging per minute can provide tens of kilometers of mileage. The improvement is very obvious. According to Dr. Sundaresan in the research team, for daily commuting, although overnight garage charging time can cope with it. But for long distance travel, if electric vehicles want to be popularized, they must solve the problem of fast charging. They believe that the research on this new technology can make it possible for electric vehicles to realize fast charging and long distance endurance.



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