Self powered sensors developed in the United -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Self powered sensors developed in the United States -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The core component of new energy vehicles is the power battery. However, the range is still the bottleneck in the development of battery technology. How to reduce power consumption to improve the battery range has also attracted people's attention. Researchers at the University of Florida in the United States have developed a new type of sensor that can operate without relying on battery power, so it can reduce the power consumption of car batteries.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Jennifer Andrew, one of the professors who developed the sensor, said, "Cars are gradually moving towards electrification. How to minimize battery power consumption is a huge project. Low power sensors are needed by all equipment." Nowadays, sensors are used in ignition system, electric windows and other links. Therefore, it will be very important if there is no battery power supply.

According to Jennifer Andrew, the inspiration for technology comes from nanowire manufacturing materials, because nanowires can power sensors with high efficiency. By changing its internal properties, the nanowires with stronger magnetoelectric coefficients can be produced, which can generate stronger electrical pulses, and provide the sensor with the basis for self powered operation.

In fact, there are already cases of "making efforts" on sensors to achieve the purpose of saving power consumption. When the research team of Northeastern University conducted project research for the Advanced Research Projects Agency (DAPRA) of the Special Department of the United States, it also introduced a new type of sensor that can stop power consumption and self rest. This kind of sensor uses infrared detection principle to realize intelligent power supply. When there is an infrared signal, the sensor automatically turns on, and when the signal disappears, the sensor automatically sleeps. Although different from the principle of "self powered" sensor technology of the University of Florida, its background is uniform, all of which are aimed at reducing battery power consumption.



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