Rouchuang Nano develops flexible lithium battery-Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Rouchuang Nano develops flexible lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Once upon a time, we imagined that future e-readers could be as soft as paper, rolled on a pen or unfolded like a picture scroll, making it easier for people who love to read. Nowadays, flexible screens are no longer a new technology, but how to make the battery bendable has become a technical problem. Ningbo Rouchuang Nano Technology Co., Ltd., located in Fudan Hangzhou Bay Science and Technology Park, has developed a flexible lithium-ion battery, which provides infinite possibilities for the development of flexible electronic products.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

At present, the development of flexible lithium-ion batteries is not only the immature new high-energy-density battery material system, but the inability to bend the battery also seriously restricts the development and application of flexible consumer electronic products. It can be said that the breakthrough of flexible lithium-ion batteries will become the key to the development of black technologies such as wearable devices and even flexible mobile phones.

The flexible lithium-ion battery based on nanofiber reinforced technology and 3D printing-like technology has the characteristics of ultra-thin and can be repeatedly bent. Compared with similar batteries, it has better flexibility and higher energy density.

The person in charge of Rouchuang Nano said that the flexible battery developed by the company can be repeatedly bent more than 3,000 times, and has higher energy density and bending ability than similar products in Japan and South Korea, thus enabling wearable devices to have longer battery life. At the same time, a series of innovative technologies such as high-capacity, high-voltage positive electrode and high-capacity silicon carbon negative electrode materials, nanofiber reinforced structural stability, high temperature resistant diaphragm to ensure safety, and all-solid-state gel electrolyte have achieved higher performance than competitors. capacity and better flexibility.

At present, Routron Nano has combined the company's flexible lithium-ion battery and flexible ink screen to develop a fully flexible reader, which meets the requirements of future consumer electronics to be light, thin and flexible, and its bending radius can reach 30mm , which can be unfolded and rolled like a picture scroll. The emergence of flexible readers is undoubtedly the biggest subversion to the existing portable reader products.

In terms of ensuring the safety of flexible lithium-ion batteries after repeated bending, Routron Nano has independently developed domestically produced high-end nanofiber separators. This seemingly simple diaphragm actually plays a huge role in the operation of lithium batteries - it not only isolates the positive and negative contacts to prevent short circuit of the battery, but also ensures the rapid and smooth passage of lithium ions, which directly affects the capacity, cycle and performance of the battery. safety features, etc.

In the production workshop of the Rouchuang Nano New Area Base, the company's employees are busy and orderly working beside the machinery and equipment. "It looks like ordinary filter paper at first glance, but if you magnify it tens of thousands of times, you will see a different scene." The person in charge said that the thin film is evenly and densely distributed. There are thousands of micropores that are difficult to see with the naked eye, and the porosity is 20% higher than that of ordinary diaphragms. Through these micropores, lithium ions can "shuttle freely" between positive and negative materials more quickly, significantly improving the charge and discharge rate of the battery. In addition, the nanofiber separator has basically no shrinkage at 200 °C, and after acupuncture at 560 °C, it does not melt or deform, and its various properties can meet the requirements of lithium batteries for separators, which greatly reduces the risk of battery short-circuit explosion and improves safety. .



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