High energy density lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Research and development of high-energy lithium battery -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The development of high-performance power batteries is one of the important measures to promote electric vehicles. Recently, the reporter learned from the second quarter regular press conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the energy density of a variety of power battery cells developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences has reached more than 300Wh/kg, ranking the world's advanced level; my country's power lithium batteries have entered the core technology. In the stage of large-scale application, it will provide important technical support for the development of long-range electric vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and deep-sea exploration.

How important is the energy density of the battery? Experts say that the cruising range and reliability of a pure electric vehicle largely depend on the energy density in the battery. For example, taking BAIC's EV200 model as an example, if other technologies remain stable, if the energy density of a single battery cell reaches 300Wh/kg, it means that the cruising range of the car can reach 470 kilometers from the current 200 kilometers. . At present, researchers are optimizing the integration of battery packs to prepare for vehicle loading demonstrations; key materials for lithium batteries have entered the pilot stage, and have formed cooperative relationships with more than 30 battery and electric vehicle companies, striving to start supply as soon as possible.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

This achievement is only one of the major outputs of the "Transformative Nano-Industry Manufacturing Technology Focus" strategic pilot science and technology project. According to reports, since the project was implemented in 2013, researchers have also abandoned the technical ideas of traditional printing plate-making photosensitive imaging through the combination of nano-materials and printing technology, and formed green plate-making, green plate base, green ink, etc. Printing industry chain technology. Experts said that the promotion and application of the above achievements will hopefully reduce the pollution of one million tons of plate-making waste liquid, ten million tons of plate-based waste liquid/slag pollution, and hundreds of tons of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions every year. In addition, "nano health technology" has been successfully applied to the development of in vitro diagnostic products and nano drug formulations. For example, the inflammatory nano-microfluidic immune detection chip can detect three inflammatory markers in combination, which can quickly distinguish bacterial infection from viral infection, judge the stage of infection, and provide a basis for scientific and effective use of antibiotics. Avoid the abuse of antibiotics to a large extent.



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