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Prospects of the core technology of all-solid-state lithium batteries -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Tongxinzhixing Network Summit Forum--2018 China (International) Lithium Battery and Electric Technology Development Summit Forum was held in Shanghai from April 20 to 21. Thornton New Energy Chen Yuan made "All-solid-state lithium battery core technology and product application prospects" Keynote Speech.

The lithium battery industry attracts hundreds of billions of dollars, where does the golden compass point? Tongxin Zhizao Network Summit Forum--2018 China (International) Lithium Battery and Electric Technology Development Summit Forum was held in Shanghai from April 20 to 21. This conference was jointly sponsored by First Lithium Power Grid, Heli Exhibition and Tongxin Zhizao Network At the same time, the China International Electric Vehicle and Charging and Swapping Technology Summit Forum will be held. This forum invited more than 40 guests to give speeches and share, and more than 500 representatives of related enterprises in the lithium battery industry from all over the country attended.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Good afternoon everyone, I am from Thornton New Energy. In the afternoon, I will share the core technology and product application prospects of all-solid-state lithium batteries and the status of our company.

It mainly introduces 4 aspects, an all-solid-state lithium battery introduces the principle, structure and material. Why is solid-state battery relatively safe, because the electrolyte is inorganic or polymer, as an electrolyte layer, the safety inside is that there is no problem of thermal runaway when the liquid is charged and discharged, but solid-state batteries now have a The problem is again the relatively low lithium conductivity and the small contact area in the electrode material. There are three long-term solid-state batteries, one is thin-film battery, one is three-dimensional battery, and all-solid-state battery, thin-film battery is very successful, it has been marketed for more than 20 years, and now there are two or three million batteries per year , Now I am most interested in solid-state batteries. I hope everyone has an all-solid-state battery. This battery is promoted by Toyota in Japan. It may launch an application in 2020. It is such a process in small 3C and even in 2022.

Why is this solid-state battery safe? Unlike the mechanism of liquid lithium batteries, the liquid lithium ions are freed in the electrons, and the solid state is a fixed jump.

This is a common weak lithium battery, which is in contact with lithium as the negative electrode. This battery has the longest life and is made on silicon wafers. The overall efficiency and life are no problem, because it is made on silicon wafers. Very thick, about a few hundred microns. In fact, the thin film is a few microns. The positive electrolyte and metal lithium on it have a very low energy density. It is used for special equipment, such as satellites, or requires harsher temperatures. , assuming that during flight and spaceflight, lithium can be used normally at 100 degrees, which is the energy density that limits the application. This is a metal-silicon anode active lithium battery I made in Singapore. The picture on the left is a thin-film lithium battery, and the top layer is silicon. This battery itself has high-voltage resistance and can reach 4.7. The battery is made of metal silicon and silicon negative electrode. It is already active when it is energized. This work is done with the support of Singapore.

I would like to introduce that the electrolyte materials have very high requirements. The first requires a high concentration of mobile lithium ions, the second has more defects that are conducive to lithium hopping, the other is multi-channel, and there is an amorphous lithium conductor. higher than the crystalline lithium conductivity.

This picture is commonly used, using sulfide as the electrolyte. This was proposed by Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan around 2012 to achieve 10 negative quadratic per square centimeter, and 10 negative second is the liquid lithium conductor The electron rate is the same.

It is still necessary to compare here. It is often said that solid-state batteries need to have higher energy intensity. In fact, everyone is often a very wrong concept. In fact, we are divided into several types. If the current system is to be used, liquid batteries and diaphragms are 12-micron and 26-micron liquid, it is impossible for the current solid-state battery to achieve 12-micron or less than 25-micron. If it is made of non-metallic lithium as an all-solid-state battery, the energy density will be greatly improved. This is not very correct. Yes, of course you said that if you use metallic lithium as the negative electrode, the energy density and volume will increase. This is the concept, which is part of the whole.



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