Power lithium battery pack production -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Power lithium battery pack production -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

1. Feeding
Transfer the battery to the designated position, and the robot automatically grabs it and sends it to the module assembly line.

2. Give the cell a bath and the plasma cleaning process
Clean the surface of each cell. Ion cleaning is used here to ensure that the contaminants in the process do not adhere to the bottom of the cell.

3. Combine the cells and glue the cells
Before assembling the cells, the surface should be coated with glue. In addition to the fixed use, the use of glue can also serve the purpose of insulation and heat dissipation. The high-precision gluing equipment and the cooperation of the manipulator can apply gluing according to the set trajectory, and at the same time monitor the gluing quality in real time to ensure the gluing quality, and further improve the consistency of each group of different battery modules.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

4. Build a home end plate and side plate welding for the cell
Power lithium-ion battery modules are mostly welded with aluminum end plates and side plates, and are laminated and welded by robots.

5. Wire Harness Isolation Board Assembly
After the welding monitoring system accurately locates the welding position, it binds the wire harness isolation board material barcode to the MES production scheduling management system to generate a separate code for traceability. After coding, the wire harness isolation board is automatically loaded into the module by the manipulator.

6. Complete the series-parallel laser welding of the battery
Through automatic laser welding, the connection between the pole and the connecting piece is completed, and the battery is connected in series and parallel.



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