Power lithium battery management in China -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Power lithium battery management in China -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

On July 31, the national monitoring and traceability management platform for new energy vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the "management platform") was officially launched in Beijing University of Technology. Before the launch meeting, the reporter had an exclusive interview with Sun Fengchun, director of the National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicles of Beijing University of Technology and academician of the CAE Member. Sun Fengchun said that China is the first country to implement the whole process supervision on the power battery at the national level, which plays a leading and exemplary role in the development of global electric vehicles.

Take the first step of standardized management

"There are a large number of power batteries used in new energy vehicles in China. Whether in the country, enterprises or research institutes, they all believe that the recycling of power batteries is a very urgent problem. The first batch of power batteries installed in the ten city thousand vehicle project, public sector demonstration and household electric vehicles a few years ago has reached the retirement time. Although the number is not very large, how to dispose of them is very concerned." Sun Fengchun said.

When the "retirement tide" of new energy vehicle power batteries is coming, the country and relevant departments have started the construction of the traceability system of power batteries from the top. This year, the Interim Measures for the Administration of the Recycling of New Energy Vehicles' Power Batteries (hereinafter referred to as the "Administrative Measures") and other policies and regulations related to power batteries have been issued, which shows that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the issue of power battery recycling and takes the first step of standardized management.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Taking precautions is a lesson from the past. "Our country has suffered losses in battery development. For example, there were many problems in the scrapping and recycling of lead-acid batteries used in scenarios such as car engine startup. We are now fighting a" blue sky defense "battle. If the vehicle power battery is not managed well, this battle will be in vain. Therefore, from the perspective of environmental protection and green sustainable development, the recycling and traceability management of power battery is very important Meaning. " Sun Fengchun emphasized.

100% traceability

Specifically, the management platform is divided into new energy vehicle on-board management module and battery recycling management module. The former is managed by the Electric Vehicle National Engineering Laboratory of Beijing Institute of Technology; The latter mainly involves the cascade utilization, disassembly, recycling and other problems faced by the battery after its retirement. The module is managed by China Automotive Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. Sun Fengchun said that this whole process management is to be able to trace the source of a battery 100%.

According to the Administrative Measures, after August 1, the power batteries of new energy vehicles sold on the Chinese market should be included in the management scope, including imported new energy vehicles. According to Sun Fengchun, in fact, for domestic new energy vehicles, all models sold after 2017 have been included in the national regulatory platform for new energy vehicles. For models before 2017, most of the vehicle information is concentrated in public transport groups, taxi enterprises and vehicle enterprises, and this part of information needs to be manually uploaded to the supervision platform. For imported new energy vehicles sold before August 1, the specific management rules have not been issued yet.

It is understood that the management platform has covered more than 1 million new energy vehicles. From August 1, each power battery running on the new energy vehicles will be monitored and recorded in a real-time and dynamic manner. "China is the first country to implement the whole process supervision on the power battery at the national level, which plays a leading and exemplary role in the development of global electric vehicles." Sun Fengchun said.

System construction still needs to be improved

For the current confusion in battery traceability management, Sun Fengchun said: "The power battery currently in service has a relatively complete monitoring and management mechanism, and the enterprise is responsible for the cascade utilization and disassembly after retirement. There is no problem in these two aspects. What I am most worried about is the supervision of the use of the power battery after it is disassembled into a small mobile power supply, such as personal charging pads and small electric tools. These details need to find appropriate solutions."



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