Power lithium battery giant replacement -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Power lithium battery giant replacement -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

The rapid development of new energy vehicles is stimulating the reshuffle of the power lithium battery industry. On the one hand, Waterma, which used to be the third largest battery company in China, fell into a situation of financial failure and the factory went out of business. On the other hand, CATL (70.880, 2.07, 3.01%), a rookie in the industry, succeeded in IPO, which opened the way for BMW to build a factory in Germany. Between the two, BYD (46.030, 0.45, 0.99%) sounded the horn to return to the king's position.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

If CATL is the first to stand on the technical high point of ternary lithium battery and take advantage of the policy, then this qualifying competition is far from over. With the complete withdrawal of domestic new energy battery subsidies, Japanese and Korean battery companies have started a new round of layout in China and locked "solid-state batteries" as a new technical direction.

"Potential alternative and disruptive technologies may emerge, and there is a high probability of the birth of a 'black swan'." Zhang Yongwei, secretary general and chief expert of my country's Electric Vehicle Hundred People's Association, has forward-looking thinking and directly pointed out the power lithium battery industry. Uncertainty of future development.

1/3 of the company is out

On June 28, an official notice posted in the Waterma office caused an uproar in the industry: "In order to solve the career development impact of all employees due to the company's lack of orders and financial difficulties, the company's high-level strategic research has decided: since 2018 All employees will be on vacation for six months from July 1st, during which wages will be paid according to regulations, and five insurances and one housing fund will be purchased according to regulations." ) issued a further notice that it intends to realize some assets of Waterma through inventory sales. The book value of the assets involved is about 700 million to 800 million yuan, which will be disposed of at a discount of 2 to 30% of the book value. over 150 million.

Closing business and clearance sales, a phenomenon that only occurs in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, is now repeated in the former battery giant Waterma, and Waterma is not an exception. According to official data, the number of power lithium battery supporting companies has dropped sharply by 1/3 in the past three years, from about 150 in 2015 to about 100 in 2017. According to an industry statistics, by the end of 2017, there were only about 80 companies left, including 8 new ones. It is particularly noteworthy that, from the current situation, the industry head effect is prominent, and the market share of the top five power lithium battery companies in installed capacity has increased from 61% in 2017 to the current 71%, which means that there are more than 70 remaining. One company is fighting for 30% of the share, and the survival situation is evident.

In Zhang Yongwei's view, excess low-end production is undoubtedly the main cause of accelerated elimination. The data shows that from 2013 to 2017, the overall planned output of the power lithium battery industry reached 228GWh, and in 2017 the industry only digested 37GWh. On the one hand, the high-quality output of leading companies is popular and the output is tight, and on the other hand, the digestion of backward production has become a problem. "In the current domestic auto industry chain, the development of batteries is the most advanced, and there are still many shortcomings in other aspects. However, with the increase in production, there is also the problem of virtual investment. The so-called virtual investment is a large amount of investment around With some solidified technologies and some low-end fields to accumulate, it is easy to produce some uncompetitive output, which may eventually become an obstacle to industrial innovation, so large output is not necessarily the biggest advantage, but no output is very It is difficult to cross the threshold of building competition, which is a double-edged sword." Zhang Yongwei told reporters.



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