Power lithium battery attenuation to be improved-Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Power lithium battery attenuation to be improved -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

In the face of obstacles restricting the promotion of new energy vehicles, such as "cheat compensation" of car enterprises, unclear performance of power lithium-ion batteries and potential safety hazards, the subsidy orientation will give way to market innovation, which has become a consensus in the industry. The latest news shows that the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport will work together to solve the persistent problems in the development of new energy vehicles from technical standards to subsidy policies. At the recent "2016 Beijing New Energy Vehicle Development Forum" held by our newspaper, Zhang Zhiyong, a senior commentator in the automotive industry, also said that standardizing from the source of research and development is the best way for the sustainable development of new energy vehicles in the future.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

Battery attenuation to be determined

Data shows that the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China last year was 330000, up 3.4 times year-on-year. However, compared with the quantitative high sales volume, the battery, as the core component of new energy vehicles, is not clear in terms of safety, service life and attenuation degree.

Li Dong, Director of the Department of Equipment Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that from the perspective of the full life cycle of new energy vehicles, safety issues involve all aspects of the full cycle of battery and vehicle manufacturing, storage, transportation, use and maintenance, scrapping, recycling and disassembly.

It is understood that among the new energy vehicles on sale in China, the service life of the batteries carried by the new energy vehicles is only 3-5 years based on the current technical level. At the same time, the daily use of consumers, as well as the frequent use of fast charging, will cause the battery to decay. The data shows that when the battery capacity of new energy vehicles declines to below 70%, the battery needs to be replaced. For a new energy vehicle, the battery cost accounts for more than 40% of the total vehicle cost. Taking a new energy vehicle with a price of about 100000 yuan as an example, the cost of replacing the battery is nearly 50000 yuan.

Zhang Zhiyong believes that many car enterprises are not clear about the service life and decay cycle of the battery of their models, which shows that car enterprises are not confident in battery technology. It is necessary for car enterprises and battery production companies to work together to solve the problem and extend the service life and replacement cycle of the battery, so as to dispel consumers' concerns in the promotion of new energy vehicles.

Greatly improve the technical threshold

Yan Jinghui, a senior expert in the automotive market, believes that the subsidized inclusive policy is effective in cultivating the primary market of new energy vehicles, but companies that implement this policy for a long time are prone to dependency, lack the power and pressure to develop technology and upgrade products, and the industry is prone to low-level blind expansion. Compared with the subsidy for vehicle models, the subsidy encourages battery production companies to invest more resources in product R&D and innovation, which can not only reduce the cost of battery R&D, but also prevent some companies from over relying on policies and cheating.

In fact, in view of the problems highlighted in the use of new energy vehicle batteries, the relevant national departments will strictly regulate the access standards for new energy vehicles, and regulate the production and access of new energy vehicles from the source. Previously, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has revised and completed the Rules for the Access of New Energy Automobile Production Companies and Products. The Ministry of Finance said that it would cooperate with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to improve the financial subsidy policies and subsidy standards on the basis of improving the technical threshold, achieve basic balance on the basis of making up the cost difference and promoting technological innovation, improve the regulatory system and establish a market-oriented development mechanism.

Yan Jinghui said that the policy of favoring production companies will help domestic production companies make further breakthroughs in technology research and development, so that new energy vehicles can get rid of technology dependence while increasing sales, and provide better products for the market.



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