Power lithium batteries are safer than imagined -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Power lithium batteries are safer than you think -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Representatives of car companies and battery companies said that although the two sides seem to have a "clear division of labor", in fact, transactions do not have to be "clearly divided". Car companies collect data during user use, reflect user experience and problems, and battery companies can better improve battery performance and safety as a reference.

Editor's note: As the "heart" of electric vehicles, the advancement of power lithium batteries has made today's electric vehicles, and also determines the pace of future electric vehicle marketization. In 2018, the power lithium battery industry entered the fast lane of development. As new battery technologies continue to mature, the safety of power lithium batteries has gradually become the focus of attention.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

In May, a TSLA Model S crashed into a concrete wall in Florida, USA and quickly caught fire, killing two high school students and injuring another. In the same month, a TSLA car was involved in an accident in Switzerland, causing the battery to catch fire and the driver to die on the spot... The continuing accident has once again brought the issue of electric vehicle battery safety to the forefront, and it has also raised doubts among consumers who are willing to buy an electric vehicle: electric vehicles Is the car safe?

Power lithium battery safety to be tested

It has been a long time since the news of the explosion of the battery of the famous brand mobile phone, but it still makes many people linger, and the recent electric car fire accident is even more alarming. With the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, and high cost performance, can electric vehicles allow everyone to ride on a large battery with peace of mind?

"There is still a gap between the overall technical level of domestic power lithium battery production and the advanced foreign level." According to the quality engineer, the number of domestic power lithium batteries has increased rapidly in recent years, and new technologies and new routes have emerged one after another, but the scale of manufacturers is generally small and the technology There is room for improvement in strength. Under the existing system, the market threshold is relatively low, and some small manufacturers have not yet established a standardized quality assurance system. "Most companies use a combination of semi-automated and automated production equipment in the production process, the level of product quality is not stable, and there is still some room for improvement in terms of yield and safety."

According to the reporter's understanding, lithium iron phosphate and ternary lithium-ion batteries are currently the most widely used power lithium batteries on the market. The data shows that the energy density of lithium iron phosphate battery is not as good as that of ternary lithium ion battery, but it has better safety than ternary lithium ion battery. The cathode material is the key factor to determine the energy density and performance of the battery, and the separator is the key material to ensure the performance and safety of the battery. As we all know, the larger the battery capacity and the higher the energy density, the more prominent the importance of safety.

Experts emphasized that in the development of electric vehicle power lithium batteries, safety always comes first, and other performance indicators such as energy come second.

"What affects battery safety is not only the battery itself, but also the battery pack, power system, vehicle, etc., especially the BMS (battery management system)." Experts said that the current BMS cannot do the same as human nerves." All batteries are passively controlled by BMS, and the internal activity of the battery is very large, and it is impossible to see the internal operation under the condition of atmospheric exposure. Although the material analysis technology is very mature in Japan, South Korea and other places, but in Domestic research has just begun. So people's concerns are justified.

Batteries are safer than you think

Industry experts believe that the TSLA caught fire because the ternary lithium-ion battery on board suffered a "thermal runaway" phenomenon when it encountered a strong collision, resulting in a rapid rise in temperature.

It is also a car, why are people not so worried about sitting in a gasoline car every day; but in an electric car, people are very concerned about safety?



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