Vanadium battery achieved technical breakthrough-Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Perfect Vanadium Battery Achieves Technical Breakthrough -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Zhang Huamin and Li Xianfeng, researchers of the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, led the team to make new progress in the research of non-fluorine porous ion conducting membranes for liquid flow batteries. Cross-linked network structure was introduced into the pore structure of non-fluorinated porous ion-conducting membrane, which greatly improved the selectivity and stability of non-fluorinated porous ion-conducting membrane under the operating environment of liquid flow battery. The developed membrane material continued to operate for more than 6000 cycles under the operating environment of liquid flow battery, with stable performance. The relevant results were recently published online in Advanced Functional Materials.

It is reported that in order to solve the contradiction between the selectivity and conductivity of the non-fluorine porous ion conducting membrane and further improve the performance of the non-fluorine porous ion conducting membrane, the team also successfully developed the non-fluorine porous ion conducting membrane with high selectivity, high conductivity and low cost through structural design. The energy efficiency of the single cell assembled with the membrane material is more than 90% under the charge and discharge conditions of 80mA/cm2, which is the highest performance membrane material reported so far. After more than 13000 charge and discharge cycles, the battery performance has no obvious degradation and shows excellent stability. The relevant results were published in Energy and Environmental Science as a cover article. The reviewer of the journal commented that this is a pioneering work and has long-term significance for the development of all-vanadium liquid-flow batteries.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)

It is reported that, according to previous media reports, the vanadium battery can last up to 1000 kilometers after one-time charging, and the charging time is only 3-5 minutes. It is known as the perfect battery. Researchers said that the potential market size of vanadium batteries would be around 1100 billion yuan. The R&D, promotion and application of vanadium battery is expected to become a trillion-level new blue ocean industry replacing lithium battery. Panzhihua Steel Vanadium and Titanium Co., Ltd. in A-share, involves research on vanadium batteries.



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