New breakthrough in lithium battery technology -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Nissan's lithium battery technology achieves new breakthroughs -Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment

Nissan Motor Company and its wholly-owned subsidiary, the Nissan Analysis and Research Center, recently announced that they have pioneered the development of the world's first battery analysis technology. Through this technology, Nissan R&D personnel can directly observe the electronic activity of lithium battery cathode materials during charging and discharging, so as to further study and design battery materials, in order to develop batteries with higher capacity and longer life, and improve zero emission The battery life of electric vehicles enhances the durability of electric vehicles.

In recent years, how to improve the battery capacity of pure electric vehicles has become an important topic in the scientific community. To develop a high-capacity, long-life lithium battery, it is necessary to store as much lithium as possible in the reaction material of the electrode, so that as many electrons as possible can appear in the reaction material, and to develop this material, accurately observe the electronic activity inside the battery is Critical. Joint research by the Nissan Analysis and Research Center and the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and Osaka Prefectural University addresses precisely this dilemma. Newly developed battery analysis technology can accurately describe how electrons are released from specific elements in lithium battery cathode materials during charging and discharging, helping scientists understand the source of electrons during charging and discharging There is room for future research on electrode materials with better performance and longer life.(Lithium - Ion Battery Equipment)



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